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“I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people— for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.” 1 Timothy 2:1-2


I was in a Church prayer conference some years back, I heard the guest preacher say something that troubled my heart “Jesus asked us to pray for our enemies” he said and continued “but he did not give us prayer points. It is not bad to pray for the death of your enemies because prayer is prayer”. After then he led the congregation into series of prayers where the death of their enemies was the high target. Is that supposed? Read on

Every morning, we often thank God for a great sleep and we also request for a successful day! During the night times, we also thank God for a great day and request for a good night sleep. That is good but it is often selfish since it is all about us! It should be a burden right in our heart to pray for others.

Who are we to pray for? Paul said “all people”! I have come to realise that most civilians does not like their leaders especially in the government! That is because the leaders gave them less reasons to love them! But we are seeing something different today! Pray for all people including the leaders!

Barack Obama may not really be a role model, he may be the worst America’s president but we were not told to pray for good leaders only! People around us may not really like us but we were not told to pray for people who likes us! We were told to pray for “all” people

During the pre-election times in Nigeria, many took to the media to insult the former President of the country, Pastors were not excluded! There was so many different opinions as people either defended or heavily criticised him, I followed the event closely. People have the right to air their views and opinions, but unfortunately many who criticised him also failed their own parts by not praying for the President.

Do not think that there is no effect to those prayers. The scripture talked about the effect

“… That we may live peaceful and quiet lives…”

This is an area many believers have failed!

What kind of prayer should we pray for people? I don’t think it is the kind of prayer we saw above! That prayer is not only unscriptural, it is also a SIN. Just like Paul said, we ought to make petitions, requests, intercessions and thanksgiving for all people (including our enemies). We are expected to pray with love for our enemies. Jesus actually gave us clue to the kinds of prayer we are to pray. We love our friends so our prayers for them is basically positive and Jesus also asked us to love our enemies! These were his words

“But I tell you to love your enemies and pray for anyone who ill-treats you.” Matthew 5:44 (CEV)

I believe today’s devotional has spoken to your heart, I believe it has shown us that we have a responsibility, we have a part to play towards all people. Have a great day!

PRAYER: Thank you Lord for speaking to my heart and reminding me of the forgotten lifestyle you desire from us. I pray for the entire human race, that they may come to the knowledge of you. Concerning the leaders, I pray for more wisdom and knowledge, that they may carry out the affairs of our dear nation in fairness and love. I pray for peace all around the world. In Jesus name. Amen.

Come to think of it... No propaganda or revolution can pull down any established organisation. It can cause a change but it cannot bring a stop to the vision. The revolution may be good or bad but it can never succeed in bringing any established organisation to a stop! I have heard people say "without me, this church will stop functioning!", I have seen some people behave like they can personally pull down a group or church... Let me tell you, any good revolution brings good result but it cannot stop a vision! It can establish another wonderful vision but it cannot destroy the running vision! I will give you examples... Yes! Judas could not stop Jesus. Martin Luther rightly left the Roman Catholic Church, but today the RCC is still growing! John Wesley, An ordained Anglican Pastor started the Methodist Church, yet Anglican Church was not closed. What about the Presbyterians and Puritans? They all pulled out of the Church of England, they are doing fine but it never stopped the Church! It even makes it stronger! This does not means that the reformers were wrong! They may be right, but they couldn't put a stop to the vision they were fighting against! No single man or group can murder a vision that has been set on course! In your local church, things may not be moving well, it may not be moving the way you want it... If you decide to quit, other people will replace you! Without you the Church can still march on! The church needs you, that does not mean you are the only one to make them move! The bible was clear on this! ," The Gates of hell shall not prevail! " do know why? Because the Church is marching on! You can only stop a vision that is not moving anymore, as long as it is moving, you cannot stop it! Your Pastor may make you angry, love him... He shouldn't be the reason why you must quit the church. You did not come to Church because of him after all! You may be the best at what you do in your church or group, never stop doing it because you were vexed... God is always in the business of raising people from nowhere! He raised armies from dry bones... He promised to raise rejected stones if we are not ready to worship! What message do I want to pass? Let God be your sole reason for worshipping... If you're not able to handle very little responsibilities that God has given you, you cannot get a bigger task! #GracefulGeorge