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My faith has never been shaken as now; my emotions have never been traumatized as it is being done now! I have never questioned myself in the manner I am doing now… I feel very bad and awful!


My dearest friend whom I have come to love even more after the first mission project, my brother in the lord and my co worker in the vineyard of God. I still remember when you said to me “I have come to understand you George, even if everyone misunderstands you… I think I know you better”
I know you are with the Lord right now! I have no doubt in my heart. I miss you Uche, I will miss you brother! All of us at YAC on the Niger will miss you! The souls you won at Ndinkwuda, Izzi, will miss you! Don’t worry… I will tell them Uche has gone to be with the Lord.

Keep resting in peace… I will join someday… very soon!