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THE WAY I SEE IT NOW: CHRISTIANITY by George Onyedika Nnadozie

True Christianity has no temple, no building! No need for candles and incense! It flows straight from heart! You don’t have a church, you are the church! You don’t need to shake a priest hand, you don’t need to kiss his feet, you don’t need to sprinkle holy water! True Christianity is not a religion! No building is more glorious than you! You don’t have a Church, you are just a Christian belonging to just one Church, the body of Christ! You don’t need to have a priest lay hands on you to confirm your christianity, they can only witness your baptism but God confirms it!

True Christianity does not go to Church to meet God, they come together with God! We do not come to worship him there, we come there with worship! It is false religion to think God is confined in the four walls of a building! The building becomes a Church when we all assemble there! Where two or three gathers, God is there! Religion is a big deception! True Christianity has no symbol, it is straight from the heart!

The curtain has been opened, you can now access the throne of grace with boldness and not with fear! You are holier than the “said” altars! You are the altar! The buildings are just to keep us from rains and suns, it only provides shelter for our gathering! It doesn’t define what Church is. We come in with God and we leave with Him. No apologies!!!! That is the truth! The candles and the incense does not guarantee his presence, the stereotyped liturgy does not bring down his glory! His glory is in us and we can show it forth through the words of our mouth right from the heart! The cassock, the regalia, the suits…. All of them are mere clothes, they are not holier than you! Exercise your freedom now!!!

Don’t stone me yet!
Am still that Christian Boy trying to liberate people from religious bigotry and scepticism. You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free! It actually set me free and now I can worship God straight from the bed to the toilet, bathroom, kitchen, sitting room, office, school and anywhere I am.

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It’s a beautiful day. Hope you enjoyed your weekend? I sure did! I wanna share this very brief verse with everyone and you happened to be among them. Please it will really make a big sense, if you slowly follow me down to this passage.

John 5:24
“Very truly I tell you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be judged but has crossed over from death to life.”

Whoever! Whether he is a Muslim, a terrorist, a traditionalist, a prostitute, an armed robber, a murderer, a liar, a cheat and still counting! Whoever hears the words of Jesus, and believe in what he hears and in God… He has passed from death to life!

Hearing God’s word is not enough, it should be believed! Knowledge is. Sealed with belief! Whatever you don’t believe is not yet knowledge. What proves you know it is when you make mastery of what you belief. Knowledge is power only when it is applied! You can’t apply what you don’t believe. So it does not just end in reading and hearing, it must be believed for it to have effect on you!

What does that mean? The knowledge of God’s word has the ability to cross you from death to life. It has the ability to tun your business around, it has the ability to change situations and transfer you from the dying state to a living state. What God requires from you is believe! Why is believing more important than Good works? You see, in the Old Testament, good-works is required for you to be saved but no one was able to faithfully do it! But in the new testament, believing is the only thing needed! How? Why? Jesus said to the Samaritan woman “you worship what you do not know…” John 4:22 Until you believe in him and his word, you cannot know him, until you know him, you cannot function in him.

Do you wanna pass from death to life? Just believe in the word of God and also believe in the God of the word!

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