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We have to make right choice of friends for a brighter future and not necessarily by facial appearance.

I select my friends, I don't chase friends, am not desperate for friends. I just know who are my friends when I meet them. I have no criteria for choosing people. The ability to listen to me is enough for me.... I don't choose people because they care. Sometimes, they cared because I chosed them. I made that decision of not having a Girlfriend, of what use is it to me? I have friends, among them are male and female... What else do I need a girlfriend for? I found Jesus, I had no need for another intimacy. Well, there are few people among my numerous friends I seem to be very committed to, that is because of the qualities they possess. image I don't believe love is all about receiving, it is giving without hoping for returns. They may not care, but you must care. An enemy is clearly defined and you already know you must avoid them, but friendship is often not so clearly defined in its wholeness, that is why friends can easily destroy people. (making right friendship decisions is the watchword)!!! That is why you may seem to be helping someone who is not ready to help. I know that one good turn deserves another but the good doer must not expect it!!! Jesus died for us but not all is ready to die for Him! But He is still loving us!!! Jesus said "you did not choose me, I choosed you!". Some men end up sexually using the females they helped and they say it a dividend of friendship, some females even go as far as requesting for such stupid " dividends". I once had a friend who wanted to lure me to such immorality, oh!! Thanks to Jesus for saving me from that!!! She said to me one day "if you truly love a girl, you ought to prove it by making sexual advances" she added "just like we are, nothing proves to me that you love me". I never knew girls would reason that way too until then. I have come across to friends who were like that and I had to keep them at arms length until they were able to forget me! Helping people does not give you the authorization to own their body. And listen to me girls, don't accept offers from guys you are not sure of! Even those people you are sure of, you must try to study their moves. Every decent girl is beautiful and truly lovable! You are too beautiful to be used by a passerby!!!! In case you don't know, Friendship is not love.... You can love everybody but you can't be friends with everybody! Friendship is a commitment, a responsibility! Love is for everyone! Friendship is for selected people!!!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ John 3:16 #GracefulGeorge