I meekly apologize to anyone I should have notified about this marriage earlier and in a way that is honourable. I found myself apologizing to a lot of people and there are hundreds of more people to apologize to which I may not be able to continue doing because I’ll be wearied hence my reason for writing openly hoping that everyone concerned will see it.

First, I am not unusually so much concerned about anyone’s appearance at the event than I am concerned about ensuring that those who need to be aware of my plans to get married are aware. I think courtesy demands that some people are aware and not taken for granted. It’s a very budget event that I would have chosen to even lessen further if it was possible to do so. I have to be sincere about it.

I wanted to be sure I would be able to do what is required financially before coming public with the wedding arrangements hence the reason it seemed the announcement was sudden. As at the time of writing, lots still need to be done and will be done by God-knows-how. My relief is that it’s a season that I’ll never pass through again.

The day I announced it for the first time was the day I took some major expected financial steps to get it done, it was also the same day I was sure that this wedding was going to hold. It’s also to tell you how the woman in the picture decided to stick with me notwithstanding my pocket, that will be a story for another day.

There are some things I would not want to start opening up here, perhaps, it is one of those stories that will make up for my post-wedding contents, some of them may come as a shock, some may come as a lesson and some may come as an encouragement.

Years back, I’d always complain that people didn’t carry me along when they were making major decisions about their life but finding myself in the same situation opened my eyes to see that it isn’t always deliberate. I admit that I would have been done more but I never had the intention to disregard anyone, there were no special invitations, my current work schedule and the wedding budget also didn’t allow me to make that happen.

I want to save you all the long talks.

I apologize for any wrong you may have felt, I take the blame for all of that and I also utterly understand if there is no space in your itinerary to accommodate the event. All I need is your prayers and encouragement, it means so much to me.

George Onyedikachukwu Nnadozie

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