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I know I have no audacity to address you. I know there may not be any such apostolic and prophetic mantle on me that gives me such audacity to write to you but please I write this in humility. I also plead your forgiveness if I have no authority to write to you. I may still be a child who knows nothing nor have experienced anything… But I felt like I needed to tell you this.

As the story goes, based on facts obtainable from the public archives which are subject to superior facts:

The first time Pastor Chris Oyahkilome came to Lagos from Benin to do ministry beyond what he has been doing in Benin, He met with a Pastor, they had something in common, they both shared the same name and it seemed they both had something for curly hair. Pastor Chris walked up to this Pastor whose ministry was thriving then with young people and strong followership in Lagos and offered to do ministry with him as an associate Pastor. The Pastor in question said to him “go back to Benin. Lagos is not for you… You’re not welcome here.”

Well, years later, Pastor Chris Oyahkilome had a Church building just close to his. The Pastor tried buying all the land near the Church building to frustrate any chance of expansion. Years later, Loveworld (formerly Believers Loveworld) have spread like wildfire and I don’t even know who hears about his ministry now. He must have regarded Pastor Chris Oyahkilome then as “these small boys that don’t even know anything.” He dedicated his time to always attacking Pastor Chris Oyahkilome and trying to paint a very bad image of him instead of helping him build. If this is really about God, why being insecure?

When Pastor Chris Oyahkilome visited the Synagogue Church of all nations and ministered alongside Prophet TB Joshua many years back, it was not a big deal until this Pastor carried it on the head and tried convincing all the ministries in PFN that Pastor Chris isn’t genuine and is using charms. He was the one that influenced the attacks and criticisms Pastor Chris Oyahkilome had in those days but guess what? The more he fought Pastor Chris Oyahkilome, the more the ministry of Pastor Chris kept spreading.

Remember when Atmosphere for Miracles was stopped from airing on the national Broadcasts, some rejoiced over it. But guess what? It sped up the launching of Loveworld TV which now broadcast all over the world including the USA which Pastor Benny Hinn has been also instrumental to.

Aside from Loveworld TV, Loveworld Sat, Loveworld UK, Loveworld USA, Loveworld Plus and others I may not be aware of, there are so many other internet arms reaching out to the world with the gospel as revealed to Pastor Chris Oyahkilome. The antagonist Pastor has not been able to measure up to this with all the human means he employed to do so. This kind of scenario will repeat in history. When you make it about yourself, that is when you will want to frustrate other people you feel will steal your shine.

You see all these “young ministers” you use as a topic on the pulpit? You see all those people you called “small children”? The future will shock you! Not about having big auditoriums and millions of members but because you’ll see all those means of frustration you’ve employed come to nought!

God can use any available vessel…
Sometimes He starts using them even when what they are called to do isn’t very clear to them. He uses them even when they are not accepted by the elites. One thing is. God’s qualifies anyone He has chosen to use in the way He deems it fit for that person, he doesn’t follow your standards.

For some people, He trains them rigorously for so many years and for some other persons it seems they just appeared in a flash even though God has been doing some underground works in them! We can’t question God and why He chooses to act that way. But, one thing is clear, God puts the wisdom of men to shame every time.

The Apostles followed Jesus and all those while, Paul never believed in Jesus and was rather out to persecute the church. Paul however appeared “from nowhere” like we’d always put it and his writing made up the most of the New Testament that even Peter who is considered the chief Apostle recommended his teachings.

See, stop priding in your achievements so far and stop looking down on people that God is using, disqualifying them just because they don’t teach everything you teach or follow your pattern. Stop looking for human worship and get back to what you were called to do.

Many started well in ministry until they started abusing the power God has given them. The worst thing you can do to yourself is looking down on genuine ministers of God with jealousy and contempt even when they aren’t your competition. There isn’t any competition in the body of Christ.

Don’t regard yourself too anointed and revered to associate with “young Preachers.” You sit in your office and criticize them because of “youthful exuberance” but you see this thing you people thought was exuberance? We are getting older and it isn’t fading yet…

When you keep criticizing and demeaning them, they keep waxing stronger and God keeps using them even greater! You can’t dictate to God who to use and how to use them. You can’t convince God why He shouldn’t use a man. Your hate against any great man is often converted to fuel for their speed.

We don’t have to believe the same thing 100% before we can work together! We all don’t have to believe in tithing to recognise one another’s ministry! We all don’t have to practice episcopalism to recognize what God is doing with us in His way.

I was in church one Sunday when Pastor was introducing a visiting Pastor and he said “this young Pastor do “deliverance” to believers which we don’t practice here but there are places we agree and that’s where I’ve invited him to teach us!”

Do you see that? Many times, the supposed elders in ministry speak about us in such a derogatory manner saying “what does he know? Those “small small” children claiming they are ministers.” That statement can only come from the heart of envy and bitterness! Sometimes it is insecurities playing out. Any genuine and concerned minister will rather try showing that “young minister” the best way to do it or learn from the young minister why he believesbelieves what he believes.

If a young minister seems to be exuberant like many accuse us of, what stops you from communicating him or her in love and telling them “don’t you think it’d be nice if you do it this way and that way? I’d always be here for you if you need me.” Isn’t that the best way to show support?

If the only time you talk to young ministers and even put their age and “who is even your father? When did he start ministry?” to their face, then you don’t love God, you don’t love His church and you are rooted in envy! Save your criticism to yourself, eat your “Bishop” title alone and leave that young minister who you cannot genuinely love alone.

For the love of Christ and His Church,
– George O.N

NOTE: This article has been updated to include that the story used here is based on facts obtainable from public archives which are subject to superior facts.

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