I took a break from social media before he passed away. I wanted to stay away from all the drama in this, I experienced stillness doing so. The first 30 minutes here was exhausting, all the bad news, clumsiness, rows and negative vibes that I was running away from came gawking at my face. This place is mentally draining but let’s leave that conversation for another day.

Let this be the first thing I say for the sake of posterity.

They told me that the “witch of Endor” doesn’t pray in Jesus name, I believed it without listening to him for myself. Around 2009 or early 2010, I carried the tale to Lagos to a family that had always spent time watching him and praying along with him on TV.

I couldn’t imagine how the so-called believers could take their time, gather around their TV in their free time to watch the “witch of Endor” pray in the name of whatever he calls. I saw them as the deceived.

One day, I took the bold step, to salvage them from seeming destruction; their obsession with the acts of the “witch of Endor”. I confronted them with the reckless hardihood of a lion, the boldness of one who was fighting the Lord’s cause. After my confrontation, they had only a few words for me.

“George, you heard the wrong thing about him and we are not in the position to convince you otherwise. Before you join the mob attack, hear from the accused.”

Although I still didn’t think anything good would come from the “witch of Endor”, I went sober. They were right, I should have heard from the accused first. I think it was the first time I was prominently a prey of misinformation. I wasn’t active on Facebook at that time, it wasn’t an opinion I read from the blogs, it was the things people around me said. I decided to do the right thing, to watch him speak, to note the evil things about him and present my case before this family after which I will win them over to the Lord.

The next morning, everyone had gone out except me. I had even disremembered the new assignment when the lights came on. Either I switched on the TV or the TV was left on before the lights went out and the “Witch of Endor” was on TV. This time, he wasn’t working miracles, he was just teaching. Most times that I had glanced through his performances, they were mostly miracles, bizarre miracles. This was my first time watching him preach, not actually… he was teaching!

Listening to him speak, I momentarily forgot my mission, to unmask the “witch of Endor” through my forensic analysis. I hurriedly got my little jotter and began to write things down. His teaching as far as I know, at that moment was sound and profound. He taught a lot of things about the name of Jesus and the victory that we have in him. I broke down in tears, it was an emotional moment. I saw myself being “hypnotised” by this “witch”. Whatever his source of abilities and inspiration was seemed so powerful that even the “elect” had difficulties holding anything on him.

Although captivating, I needed more conviction. Sunday morning, I was at the “Coven” of the “Witch of Endor”. It was an experience, a mix of puzzles and fulfilment. I had difficulties entering the auditorium because of the crowd. I was at the “Coven” by 6 am or thereabout but was able to access the auditorium by 3 pm after standing and getting used to the paint on my waist.

While the bizarre miracles were difficult for me to behold, the teaching was as powerful as it was on TV when I watched it. For a moment, I wished every Sunday and TV broadcasts were dedicated to his teachings. I would spend all day listening to this “witch” without getting bored or tired of writing.

For the records, I wasn’t uncomfortable with the miracles because I didn’t believe that God could do such and more through a man but because of the vomiting, injuries and other sensitive things that I find difficult to look upon.

I didn’t stop on Sunday, I went back on Monday and all these experiences could change my opinion about the “witch of Endor”. Looking back at the archives of the “witch”, I admit some unpopular and odd things from his beginning but all of these things I saw as a growth process; an uneducated man who followed a path the way he knew how to but permitted himself to be tutored along the way.

I didn’t become a die-hard fan or one who was welcoming of every single thing done by this “witch” hook-line-sinker but one thing was certain, I saw a different person than the one that was introduced to me by naysayers. Every day that I had the opportunity to come across his teachings, I always allowed myself to be taught.

Unfortunately, even on his death-bed, the “witch of Endor” is hated by his supposed colleagues, he remains unwelcome but remains the hero of the poor, the heartbroken, the widows, the low-class but also those of the higher-class who has been touched, delivered or healed by this witch. The “true” men of God ride with the first-class while the “witch of Endor” rides and roll with the low-class. A deafening irony.

Yet, these haters of the “witch of Endor” who publicly celebrates his death and calls him out for working miracles are the same people who point fingers at us when we condemn the acts of rape and sexual abuse perpetrated in the name of God by the “powerful” men of God. They do this because “they are imperfect men serving a perfect God” but they need the “Witch of Endor” to be perfect before they hear him out.

I am glad that I followed the advice from the “deceived”, I am glad I listened to the accused before joining the mob attack. But every day, I get tired of the religion that we practice in the name of “awareness”. For a lot of believers, the only problem we have with the “Witch of Endor” is that he works bizarre miracles, nothing more. So I ask again, what do we believe?

His death at 58 they say is a judgment from God for all the sorcery he had committed but the death of the Father of Pentecostalism in Nigeria at 59 is seen as a glorious exit. God had to wait for so long to destroy the “witch of Endor”.

If the death of the “Witch of Endor” at 58 is God’s judgment against “witches”, does that make Dare who died at 48 a witch? Could we say that “Pentecostal Papa” was the senior witch too? What an irony.

Like I always love to say, a kind devil is better than an insensitive bitter angel.

Good Morning “Witch of Endor”.

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