A Knock in the morning…

I was in the bathroom when my neighbour came knocking. I had to hurriedly draw up my short, lock up, pull a t-shirt over and out to meet a very worried mother carrying her child. Her child was running temperature, she was vomiting and losing appetite.

All this woman wanted was “please pray for my child”. I felt the head of her child and she was really hot and looking pale. I called out her name and said “you will be fine”. Then I read out the book of Jeremiah 30:17 which reads

“But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,’ declares the Lord.”

I read this out as a message of reassurance, I needed her mother to hear this word. I was sure a thought flashed through my mind saying “are you sure this is the right verse to read? Do you think this place is talking about literal health?” I know it wasn’t from God, I ignored the thought and read this place aloud one more time.

The child is still so young to be able to put words together or understand the reading but I was speaking to her soul! Though she may be young, I felt a connection with her soul, I felt her soul responding. And then I began to pray for her. After praying for her, I rebuked that sickness without trying to know what the sickness was called.

One thing is sure, no matter the name of a sickness, Jesus has been given a name above every other name that at his name, every knee bows and every tongue confesses his Lordship.

After the prayers, her mother carried her with so much relief. Then I went back to the bathroom and began to pray for her even as I took my bath to get ready for work.

When I got to work, the activities of the day took over. I got so busy that I forgot I prayed for a child in the morning. This evening, as I got back home, I met the child’s father carrying her. He may not have known what happened in the morning.

“How is she?” I asked
“She is fine,” he said and added, “anytime she wants to eat my money she begins to act up”. I smiled it off, it was funny now, it wasn’t so in the morning.

As I walked into the building, up the stairs, I met his wife and there was a large smile on her face. “Thank you so much for today,” she said. I felt so privileged to be used by God this morning to provide succour to a mother.

For me, I see it as a privilege anytime God uses us as his channel of blessings and miracles to reach lives. Truth is, God may have provided you with an opportunity to be a blessing to someone else but we felt you weren’t good enough, you felt you needed more consecration, more fasting, more prayers and maybe, more study and set apart.

Truth is, when God wants to use you, he equips you to be useful. The problem is, are you available?

God’s name is praised.

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