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You had a doctrinal issue with an assembly you belonged to or a Pastor you submitted to, it became so bad that you had no choice than to leave. You joined a new assembly or started leading one. You found a new Pastor and submitted… Or maybe, you didn’t even find because you didn’t want to be identified with a clique any longer.

Your reasons: earnestly contending for the faith, honour to God’s word & maturity.

Then, one day, someone rose from your fold, pointed out doctrinal issues, publicly denounced allegiance to you and walked away. You condemned him, labelled him a rebel and began series of exegesis why it’s dishonour and ungodly for one to leave an assembly or denounce allegiance to someone he once called “Spiritual father”.

Is it memory loss or what?

You used to be a member of an assembly, responsibilities were committed to your care, you knew that you had a “call” and the evidence was there. Then, one day, despite the lack of approval or official release of your Pastor, you woke up one day, the burden became intense, everything you looked at pointed to one direction, starting the new journey into fulfilling purpose… You resigned, went in to meditate for months and began a new work.

A decade later, you had grown in leaps and bounds and you had raised men in such a short time. Then one day, a young committed firebrand leader in your circle walked up to you, told you he is led to start a new assembly and you flare up, told him it’s not God’s will for him and that he isn’t permitted. You even threatened him that if he should go without your permission, he won’t succeed.

Hope you aren’t suffering memory loss?

Then he eventually moves on despite your not giving him approval. You label him a rebel, begin a series of exegesis and also add series of apologia to explain why you had the right and God’s blessings to leave another man’s work but no other person should leave your work.

Sir? Are you sure that you are okay?

You spent years defending a certain doctrine, it was your years of humble beginning. You were ever committed to stand where God’s word stands, you gave no damn who was against you, you gave no damn what platform is denied you and who refuses to associate with you because of your convictions.

Then one day, you started feeling terrible about the rejections and how your convictions aren’t making it easy for you to have access to “men that matter” when it comes to the larger Christian circles. You started asking yourself if it’s worth it to be very vocal about those minor doctrines that have caused people to hate you or if you should strike a balance that can endear you to them.

You found a revelation, you began teaching those very things you spent time condemning. Of course, it was difficult defending your new doctrine because even the scriptures are at odds with it but you’ve had enough experiences to back it up and you’ve seen some old testament verses to stitch together with a bonus of oratory prowess! You’ve got this!

With same sweet mouth and energy with which you condemned these teachings, you began to teach and defend it and the more you walk this new path, the more it made sense to keep adding to the mix. You called it balance, you branded yourself matured and said: “well, it’s all growth, I have grown…”

But then, you go all out calling those who hold on to your previous convictions ignorant and sometimes “demonic”. Yeah, even Jesus was said to be demonic.

The question is not about your new doctrine, it is about your claims. You claimed to have grown, why not allow the other people to grow too? You initially claimed God revealed the truth to you but then now you claim it was also God who revealed the new truth to you and that you were deceived in the past. How are we sure you aren’t being deceived again?

Meanwhile, who knows? The same way you claimed that your previous conviction was given to you by God, and have claimed this too was given by God, thereby calling God a confusionist, You may still grow up even more that the Bible can’t handle your growth again…

Or who knows? Are you suffering from memory loss?

I don’t know but it’s a messy sight, seeing us contradict ourselves on daily basis, destroy the foundations we have built before, display our inconsistencies in the public and still expect people to take us seriously. The same people you thought you could win over by embellishing the truth with some touches of lies will look you in the face and say “you have no stand, we can’t take you serious”.

Does this mean you shouldn’t grow, no! Does this mean convictions can’t change? No! But hey, if God once told you that black is white and later told you that black is now yellow, that is not God… It is your greed!

It is better to say “I think it’s so…” So that when you stop thinking it’s so, you can comfortably say “I was wrong… I thought so but not anymore”. When you credit God with your opinions, you are insulting him!

Maybe, before you become very vocal and ready to fight something, be sure you are not feeding the beast that will turn back to fight you. And maybe, before you criticize someone for taking a step, be sure you won’t shoot yourself in the leg. If you believe you were wrong for once taking the same step, then admit your wrong first and still let people make their choices… Maybe, just like you, they will learn too.

Maybe I made sense, maybe I didn’t…

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