Where emotion and spirituality meets

Life is spiritual. People who deny this live their lives casually and sometimes, they make some spiritual moves without even knowing but the problem is that when there are spiritual inputs in their daily programs, it is not intentional.

So, there can be negative or positive inputs but because it wasn’t intentionally done, deliberate follow-ups or proceeding actions are not made.

For example, you ate an orange and spat the seeds on the far end of your compound. Then after some minutes later, your dog walked through that path using its foot to press the seeds into the soil. Then, many days or weeks later, something began to sprout up and you had to uproot it not knowing what it was.

Meanwhile, previously, you had thought of planting orange in your compound but it always skips your mind. Now, we see something here. The orange seed was sown unintentionally and it was also uprooted unintentionally.

There is such a thing as projecting something into your future. Occultic people do it but it is not occultic just like occultic people practice brotherhood but brotherhood is not occultic.

The problem is that we often do not pay attention to certain things including our emotions but we fail to realize that our emotions are often the link between spiritual things and carnal things.

The emotion is so powerful and can transmit, receive and decode spiritual signals. For example, hate, anger and resentment can create a negative aura around you, it can bring up negative energy and even affect your productivity while deliberate smile, happiness and forgiveness can create positive energy and even make you attractive.

Have you ever wondered why there are two people in an event, one seems to be more favoured but another who looks even more qualified seems to lack so much acceptance. Sometimes, it’s because of their differing energies. One has positive energy and another has negative energy.

The reason why we are always encouraged to control and take mastery of our emotions is usually because if we can control our emotions, then we can be able to walk in the Spirit.

People often think that walking in the Spirit is some sort of a certain state or merely praying but it also has to do with taking charge of our mind and being deliberate about what we feed to it.

One who is not emotionally mature can never be spiritually mature, they are not mutually exclusive. People think that spiritual maturity means being able to express certain spiritual gifts but that’s not what it means. It means being spiritually responsible and intentional.

Self-control should mean 360° control of who you are. This means you can control the physical, the emotional and the spiritual aspect of you. That’s the body, soul and the Spirit. We have always talked about the physical and the spiritual but we hardly talk about the emotional part of us. Emotions will remain even in heaven and the new earth to God’s glory.

The human being is a spirit with a soul and body. It is this three that makes up a human being. So, a human being should be able to express these three realities. It is insane to think that we can be spiritual while removing emotions from the equation.

Many times, people who are into mysticism understands this more than we do and take advantage of it. It is with our emotions that we communicate with the spirit within us.

When we read, just as you are reading this now, a spiritual connection is established through our emotions. This is then received and decoded to information we can use or bring into a tangible state.

It is just like ideas! You may be reading, watching or meditating over something. It is not merely an emotional exercise. Something is also going on in the Spirit. And then an idea is dropped to you! This idea is then received in your brain through which you can work out those ideas and it becomes something tangible.

Why is there a surge in your emotions when you listen to songs or spoken words with very strong and deep lyrics? First, you must know that the song may be a product of spirituality and when you are meditating with it, there are a spiritual connection and transfer. This happens whether it is secular or religious songs. You can feel the Spirit behind certain creativities or art. You can enter an art gallery and find yourself in the same state the person who created it was.

As we continue to meditate, consciously and deliberately engage in some exercises, we continue to improve in our ability to understand our emotions. Emotion is not a bad thing and when we ask people not to be emotional it only means they should be conscious of their emotions rather than be unintentional about it.

Both in the Old and New Testament, we see how God communicated with people using their emotions as a medium of initiating spiritual connections without contradicting the written word. The problem is that many people put their emotions in a state that it cannot commune with God, in a state that the connection can not be stable. I know this may sound a bit odd because we are not always told this truth but it is truth.

Emotions in themselves are adiaphorous, they are not good, they are not bad, they only possess the character or morals of one who bears them. The same emotion that made someone commit suicide can make someone resolve to live and fulfil the purpose.

When understood and harnessed, emotions can be a source of motivation and positive energy, it can trigger peace, satisfaction, trust and thanksgiving!

Sometimes, we question people’s spirituality but I think that is as a result of ignorance because we are all unique and our triggers can be very different. For example, my triggers are some kind of sounds, strings with slow progressions, meditations and so on. In this state, it seems something in me has been unlocked and I can reach a very high point in my creativity.

Other times, how I choose to respond to failure, tough times, lack, rejections and so on can also be a trigger for me either towards positive energy or negative energy. There is no general way one could integrate emotions and spirituality because God created us all differently and uniquely and God in himself is also unique to us individually.

However, by consistent study, meditations, prayers and a deliberate life of love, peace with others, faith in God and less anxiety, we can experience God not just as God but as our father and friend in a quantum intimacy that words cannot explain.

Moreso, we should learn to listen to God inside of us and when we start listening, we can hear him speaking through our hearts feelings and intuition. We can also wake up every morning and make projections into the day by speaking good words about the day and having good thoughts.

I call you blessed.

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