Be Grateful Where You Are

Don’t live your life thinking we are all running towards the same end. Don’t think you must do well in a certain area just because your mates did well in that area. Just because you started life with people doesn’t mean you’ll get the same result with them. But just because you didn’t get the same result with them or reach the same height as them doesn’t mean things are not right with you.

You can fulfil purpose in your capacity. Someone is the President of the United States but it mustn’t be you. Someone is building global businesses but it mustn’t be you. When you do, glory to God but when you can’t, accept yourself the way you are and function in the capacity you are meant to function.

Your mate even got married earlier but you couldn’t because you could barely feed. Oh well, it shouldn’t bother you, your life shouldn’t be measured by theirs and their success is not your success.

Your mate was able to buy his own house, cars and other assets while you are still struggling to pay your one-room apartment rent and you are too ashamed to even ask him for help! It’s okay, there is another mate of yours who wasn’t able to leave his parents house.

God doesn’t measure our lives with the same standard. What success means to one may not be what success means to another. Not everyone will be super-rich, not everyone will live in their own houses. Not everyone will grow at the same pace and not everyone will build a global brand.

Our goalposts are not the same. Jesus and John the Baptist came in the same period. John made waves before Jesus, he was celebrated before Jesus, he looked more superior than Jesus. The teenage age of Jesus was not so important and no one heard about him. Jesus had no childhood to enjoy because his mates were killed by Herod.

John the Baptist became the talk of the town. His ministry was growing, his fame went abroad that even the strong and mighty came to pay tribute to him at the desert.

One would have thought John was more successful than Jesus at that time but John himself knew that success is measured uniquely, he knew that the rise of Jesus signified the end of his shine. The starting line and finishing line of everyone are different. Some people’s starting point begins at the finishing lines of others. It’s like a relay race where you have to hand over the baton to someone else.

We must be careful not to compete with anyone, never envy anybody or try to be like someone else. Envy dwindles productivity, the best envy would make of you is the second version of another person. Just as our faces are different, our destinies are different and regardless of how superior one’s calling may seem, don’t be intimidated.

God created you to function at your own pace, he designed you to meet a goal that is unique and specific to you. God created Tiger but also created the Tortoise! Both are not in competition, they are surviving and adapting uniquely. Where the Tortoise survives, the Tiger may not. Their survival techniques are very different.

It will be bad to put the Tiger and Tortoise in a competition. As mighty as the Tiger is, it can’t kill the slow little tortoise. The tortoise will always do well in its own environment. They are both mighty creatures in their own ways and you don’t measure them using the same parameters.

Don’t set your goals based on other people’s goals, don’t calculate your success using the indices of other person’s achievements. If God raises you higher above others, be grateful and if you happen to be below or average, also be grateful and make the best out of it.

Just maybe, you are not the President but you are that teacher who will raise a President from the ghetto. Just maybe, you won’t even raise a President, but you would raise someone who would raise a President.

Regardless of where you are, regardless of the perceived level of life you find yourself, there is a purpose you are meant to fulfil and you can do that anywhere because you have been designed to do so.

The certain King who gave men talents to invest gave them according to their abilities. He didn’t expect the one with lesser talents to achieve the same results with the one with higher talent. His displeasure with the one who made nothing out of his talent wasn’t that he couldn’t achieve what his mate achieved but because he made no effort to achieve what he was meant to achieve… Just a little and that little would be enough.

The essence of this little exhortation to you is to be grateful anywhere you find yourself. You may not be like that your mate who is touring the world. You may have not been privileged to get a bachelors degree or even do your masters like those your mates who did their masters degree in prestigious universities.

You may not have had the opportunity to be employed in one of the most sort after organisations like your mate. You may have only had to struggle to build your own dreams with very little or no support.

You may not have been able to afford all your fantasies, you may not have been able to become a very influential person in your community. But one thing is sure… You are good where you are and you can fulfil purpose in your own way. Why not live the best of that life without trying to become someone else? The best of you is you!

I call you blessed.

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