So, I had to write this for posterity sake.

These days it seems to be a Christian is some circles is to deny that COVID-19 is real. The moment you ask certain people to follow the guidelines of preventing the spread, they look at you as an agent of globalists and the antichrist. I try my best to avoid conversations around COVID-19 and whether it’s a tool for globalists or not because it’s been a very tough one and a tough year.

I remember years back as a young teenager when I was enthusiastic about Aliens. I was a strong believer that there was such a thing as Aliens visiting earth via UFOs. It was an opinion backed by many “facts” but over the years, it was proven to be a lie. No one convinced me, the answers were there for me to see.

I remember how I believed that the United States Government has been hiding information concerning the Aliens. I believed there was a crashed UFO hidden somewhere and that the Aliens inside it were taken away dead or alive for secret experiments.

Every time I find myself in the library, I was reading about space, exoplanets, the possibility of life outside earth, aliens and UFOs. There were lots of videos and documents of people saying “I have seen UFOs” with my two eyes. In the end, it was more of what I wished was true than what I knew was true or what was true.

That’s part what conspiracy theory means, explaining events as the result of a secret plot by conspirators. So, there is such a thing as conspiracy theories and we can’t say we haven’t seen lots of it this season. When we say something is a conspiracy theory, we aren’t necessarily calling it a lie or a truth… We are simply calling it what it is; a theory that promotes the idea that there is a conspiracy.

For example, if you believe that there is a secret plot by powerful people and that series of events happening around the world is being used to carry this plot out, you are a conspiracy theorist, it’s not a matter of if your theory is true or false.

I had to make this explanation so that when I talk about conspiracy theorists, people don’t get offended. I have seen people frown when we call their opinions conspiracy theory. Don’t just think I am referring to any school of thought in particular.

I used to be one of those who believe that “COVID-19 may have been made in a lab”, there is no surplus evidence for it, I can’t prove it beyond every reasonable doubt, I can’t say when, how and why it got out of the lab. It’s simply a conspiracy theory.

Now, one of these conspiracy theories denies the reality of COVID-19 and calls it a plan by which people’s mind will be altered through microchips in vaccines. All the vaccines that are currently out have not been reported to have microchips anyway so it seems the talk of the microchip is already fading and they are focusing more on the safety of the vaccine.

Some say there is no COVID-19, it’s the flu and therefore there is no need for the vaccine. I was one of those who wondered why there is no vaccine for HIV but there is already several vaccines for COVID-19. I got my answers anyway because I sought it with an open mind. HIV is not like other viruses, it’s more complicated.

I can tell you first hand that COVID-19 is real, it’s not just flu and for some people, it’s deadly. In fact, with the way it spreads and kills some people, it sure does need vaccines.

A member of our Church got infected with COVID-19. This young vibrant father and leader of a young family didn’t only experience the flu and malaria-like symptoms, he experienced what was more severe that fit all the descriptions of COVID-19. He was nearly losing his life and was on life support.

For him, he was on the verge of giving up. This young man is a successful business man who doubles as a believer. But guess what? He was infected!

We prayed, we believed God, it seemed nearly late but God showed him mercy and he survived it. I can’t tell people that COVID-19 is not real after seeing this and this man cannot say it’s not real after his experience.

When we say COVID-19 is not real, we are rubbishing the experiences of people like this, people who nearly lost their lives and we are also rubbishing the efforts of healthcare personals who have been on the frontline and risking their lives just to save others.

I am not saying this to cause panic or fear, I am not saying this to suggest that there may be no inflation of the numbers of those who got infected. We all know that politicians politicized the virus, we all know that the virus and its matters could be used by corrupt leaders to embezzle money.

But regardless the politics and the games of throne being played around the virus, COVID-19 is real and staying safe is your responsibility more so if you are at the epic centres of this virus and its environs.

On a lighter note.

Some believe that wearing of mask signifies submission to certain powers, they believe it’s “not scriptural” and it’s a ritual of the underworld. At least, “washing of hand” and “separation” is not.

I wrote previously on how believers should approach the pandemic.


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