The Unseen Force

The earth is spherical, this means that we do not live on a flat plane. People are living near the north and south poles, people are living by the sides but the big question remains “why haven’t we fallen off the earth?”

The answer is “gravity”. Gravity is the force that God has used to hold everything together on earth. It is this same gravity that gets the earth to orbit the sun while the moon orbits the earth.

When you jump up, this mysterious force is what pulls you down. Gravity doesn’t glue us to the earth, it simply pulls us to the earth the same way the sun pulls the earth and the earth pulls the moon. When you ask your friends to hold a towel so that it is flat, then you drop an orange in the middle of the towel, they will feel it even without looking and the flat towel adapts to a certain shape which we can’t call flat anymore. When you drop a peanut in the same towel, it will roll towards the orange.

This happens because the mass of the orange is bigger than that of the peanut and therefore, it will pull the peanut. If you bring a watermelon and drop it on the towel, it will pull both the orange and the peanut because the mass is greater. This is how it works in space.

You may ask if the earth is being pulled by the sun, why hasn’t the earth hit the sun? God, in His wisdom, designed the universe in such a way that the earth can support life. The earth and everything in it keep falling towards the sun but because of the sideways momentum of the earth, it keeps falling towards the sun and missing it. It is called “closed trajectory” or “stable orbit” in science.

One of the reasons why planet bodies are spherical is because gravity pulls all sides equally from the centre. That’s why every object in space that is large enough is round in shape. Gravitational force holds everything on Earth and in the universe together.

This force is unseen, yet very powerful. It is this force that brings down everything that goes up. The reason your table is standing firm on the ground is that gravity is holding it. The reason your phone screen will break when you drop it is because gravity pulled it to the ground. Even on the moon, while weaker than the earth, there is gravity pulling things down from the centre of the moon howbeit, slowly.

Now, come to think of it. You can see gravity but you can’t deny it. Whether you agree or not, whether you believe or not, gravitational force will bring down whatever you throw up. You have a choice to believe what you want but your belief changes nothing about gravity.

This is how it is with God. You may not see God with your physical eyes and it is entirely your choice if you choose to live in denial of it or accept it but it doesn’t change who God is and it doesn’t in any way alter the operations of God.

When you look at the earth from space, just like the moon, you’ll see a round shape. But whether someone is standing on top or down below, they aren’t feeling they are upside down and they will not fall off because of the pull. Yet, this obvious force cannot be seen.

The force of gravity is active everywhere in the universe. Whether in the Milky Way galaxy or other galaxies and beyond, it is this gravity that holds things together and keeps everything in sync up there in space. This is the power of God, you can choose to dismiss it or accept it but it doesn’t change anything, it only affects how you relate with the truth.

Just as gravity, though unseen, is a force that provides one way for objects to exchange and transform energy into different states, God is how it happens. Always remember that science can describe but not explain, observations may be faulty and no experiment can be completely controlled.

People often come up to say that science has proved that there is no God but science in itself cannot make such proof! Science only draws a conclusion based on what they have been able to find and not what they couldn’t find. Just because you can’t find it doesn’t mean it is not there.

“He existed before anything else, and he holds all creation together.” – Colossians 1:17


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