My Kittens Taught Me Something

It’s been a while since I adopted Maxi and Lily. Maxi came first while Lily came weeks later. These fluffy cute creatures can be annoying sometimes without meaning it. They would appear from nowhere, jump on your feet and leave some marks of ownership on you. Kitten owners know what I am talking about. They would be playing but we don’t play like them and we always end up being lightly but lovingly scratched.

Maxi & Lily sleeping peacefully

However, regardless of the scratch, I haven’t stopped caring for them. I enjoy watching them play, eat and sleep. I may get temporarily offended when they accidentally pull of my computer adapter from the wall socket or scatter the shoes I arranged in the rack but there has never been a day I don’t pet them, give them some time and provide enough food for them.

I don’t live in luxury, I don’t always eat anything I want but whatever budget I am making for myself, they have a share in it.

This afternoon (as at the time of writing this), I noticed I had run out of Maxi & Lily’s feed. While I was making arrangements to make food available for them, they were busy sleeping. It was such a peaceful sleep that has no colouration of worries attached. While I was trying to figure out what they would eat, they were busy sleeping!

This picture was taken a day after I adopted Maxi

They could roll around and sleep with their stomach facing up which is a sign that they feel secure in the environment where they are. They know they are safe and therefore sleep with so much comfort.

This is the same scenario that plays out in Babies. The only thing they do is sleep, eat, play and repeat the cycle. Babies cry whenever they are hungry and food is provided to them. They don’t know where the food is coming from, all they know is that you’ll provide food for them once they are hungry.

A portion of the Bible comes to mind

“…For the LORD provides for those he loves, while they are asleep.” – Psalm 127:2

This is just a reminder, that if men whose heart are somewhat desperately wicked can be very concerned with not just their babies food but also animals that do not bear their name or DNA, how much more God?

Lily, a few days after joining the house.

No wonder the Psalmist wrote saying

“The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want…” Psalm 23:1

As long as Maxi and Lily are under my covering, they are protected and they will always have an experience of my love and care, they shall not want.

If I could be this good to animals that aren’t related to me in any way, how much more can God who owns the Earth and its fullness care for me whom he made in his image and likeness? We are worth more to God than our pets are worth to us.

I can relax even while I work, knowing fully well that I am at rest as God has figured out the provisions meant for my comfort. He is more concerned about me than I am concerned about me. Regardless of my scratches and bite, regardless of how I pull out the computer from its power source, it wouldn’t change God’s attitude towards me.

You can imagine what she was thinking when I was taking this selfie.

He would look down at me from his work desk and say “look at how this cute George messes this place up… Well, I am going to fix it.”

Maxi and Lily don’t clean their litter box, they simply poo or pee in it and leave it for me to take care of. They are not putting food on my table, I am not preserving them for Christmas so that I can kill them and fry them, I just love them like that. How much more God? He doesn’t need to profit anything from us to love us, he loves us without any condition. He cleans up our mess and harbour no offence against us.

Their first encounter with each other

The Bible tells us in Romans 8:39

“No power in the sky above or in the earth below—indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

When I know that God cares for me, I rest in him with so much comfort without wondering how He is going to make the next big thing happen!


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