Dust Off & Keep Walking

A lot of times, we find it difficult to recover from our mistakes and move on. We spend weeks, months or even years mourning over the wrong decisions we have made. Yes, the truth is that we made wrong decisions but the bigger truth is that we have better opportunities to do the right thing next time.

Just because you have identified with Jesus doesn’t mean everything will fall perfectly into place, it doesn’t mean you’ll get all your acts together. The heart of man is inherently wicked and we need a constant encounter with God’s word to keep putting our minds in the right perspective.

There are some believers lacking in forgiveness, this isn’t because they need a special anointing or grace to be able to forgive others. Sometimes, we underestimate our ability to forgive until we are faced with that situation that calls for forgiveness.

We simply have to be deliberate with obeying God’s word and allowing the principles of Christ to become our priority. However, of us have walked in unforgiveness for a long time, don’t keep dwelling there, it’s time to move on. Lack of forgiveness in itself is also a mistake that you must recover from.

Perhaps, you made a mistake, that’s fine. We all make mistakes and no one is better at it… But then, because we all make mistakes doesn’t mean you should remain in your mistakes.

One of the reasons why some of us don’t like to open up on our mistakes is because we don’t want people to use it against us. We don’t want to walk into the street tomorrow only to hear people say “yeah, that’s the man who messed up yesterday.”

Who didn’t mess up by the way? Even the people mocking you have worse records, they know it but only mock you so that they can have a temporal feeling that they are better than you.

Don’t mind those who want to demonize you and make themselves appear better than you, don’t mind those who want to capitalize on it to make you feel terrible. Dust off yourself and keep walking, become better and stronger.

If you have made a terrible impression today, don’t dwell there. First impression is great as there is never another opportunity to make another first impression but there is an opportunity to make the second impression or even the third. Why not use it?

If those who despise you doubt that anything good would ever come from you, put them to shame and set the records straight. Work out the goods than God has deposited in you. Read carefully, every single man on earth has a deposit of good in them and they can only show it off intentionally.

You see, some ladies who criticize prostitutes cannot keep up with one man, they aren’t virgins anymore and they have had multiple affairs. But, they criticize prostitutes just so that they can have a temporal feeling that they are better. This is not to endorse any immorality but this is to say that in truth, we lack moral justification to judge people whatsoever.

It is like a thief criticizing a womanizer or like an adulterous man criticizing a thief! We often define “good” using the spectrums of our strengths, we neglect our weaknesses or call them mere weaknesses. We do not factor them when we want to define lack of good morals.

The big truth is this, whatever people’s definition of you is, whether it is based on their negative experience of you, leave their definition of you and walk in God’s definition of you. This way, you become more conscious of the good things God has wired in you than the bad things you have been exposed to.

When you mess up, admit it but don’t stay there! Let the washing water of the word of God continue to purify you via your thoughts! Yes, you messed up, and so what? That’s not the end, that’s not even close to the end, that’s just the end of the preface and the story is just about to begin.

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