Some Convictions Are Stronger Than Others

Some of my opinions are not subject to change, some are.

My understanding of life is not based on what popular people clamour for. I don’t stand for something because a popular person stands for it and I don’t fancy popular opinions when it isn’t my truth. This is not to say that I can’t find leverage on popular voices when they stand where I stand.

The biggest injustice I’ll do myself is lying to myself. For example, when I say I believe in gender equality, it is what I believe in, it is not just what I think will work best for humans but also what I know that being human is all about. It is not for accolades or argument, it is my truth.

There are things that may be subject to change, there are stuff I still question, there are better paths of life that I still seek and when I find better answers, my mind can change. But there are also things I can’t change my mind on, there are convictions that aren’t subject to any other form of knowledge including what you may call superior knowledge.

For example, I may change my opinion on certain matters of faith when it’s clearer but I can’t change my mind on gender equality because you cannot convince me that one gender was made to be superior to another, you can’t convince me that one gender is made to serve another…

Just because there are nice Muslims will not make me become a Muslim tomorrow and just because someone is a Muslim will not mean I can’t have a serious dealing with them. In the same way, just because someone doesn’t believe in my ideologies doesn’t mean we can’t be friends but there is something that must be there for that friendship to work, it is called mutual respect.

You don’t have to believe in what I believe because we think differently, we see life differently and we have had different experiences over time. But you can respect my opinions and views while I respect yours. Respecting your opinion doesn’t mean agreeing with you or never making it subject to debates.

There are people who suffer myopia, I also believe there is something like psychological myopia. They can’t see farther, they can’t understand farther and we can only be patient with them to get closer to an object before they understand that what we saw from afar is true.

However, I don’t change my mind simply because a big name has a different view. You can convince me about medical procedures, I am not a doctor and if you have superior knowledge in that field, I will bow to it. You can convince me about physics as long as you have superior knowledge.

But, you can’t bring white and tell me it’s black. You can’t bring rice and tell me it’s beans and you can’t bring shit and tell me it’s an air freshener. This is because, I have eyes that can see, I have hands that can touch and I have a nose that can smell.

This is why it is a waste of time if for instance, we are discussing gender equality and you begin to quote people just to convince me that a man is superior to woman. No matter who you quote, no matter the Holy Book you quote from, I can’t change my mind because there is no sense in saying “one gender is superior to another gender” just as there is no sense in saying “a white is superior to a black”.

God gave us a lot of things but he also gave us a brain to think. We must start making use of our own brains and stop falling for lies just because it is coming from people who managed to become influential.

As I said, certain things are subject to change, certain things are not. You can convince me that there is water in the Moon if you have gone to the moon or studied deeper than me about the moon but you can’t convince me that a man is superior to the woman because we do not need any deep study to understand that the man and the woman make up what we know as humanity.

Some things are too simple that it only needs common sense to be understood. For those simple things, we will be deceiving ourselves when we try to make it complex. It is like arguing that a gender is superior to another and turning to the Bible to find support for your claims. Those who do this looks to me like people who turn to the Bible to find the support that being paedophile is natural.

I can convince you that the moon has no light but only reflects sunlight at night by explaining to you how it works. This is because I understand it so well. And yes, as a kid, I used to think the moon produces it’s light until I met a superior knowledge when.

You cannot convince me that the earth is flat even when you can back it up with quotes from the Bible because we have seen the earth from above and discover it is spherical and we will be deceiving ourselves to argue it.

You can’t convince me that there is no God because beyond what the Bible says, I have had a personal experience of God. In the other way, I can’t convince you that there is God based on my experience of God when you’ve not shared in the same experience. But you can convince me on certain things about God if you have enough support using what I believe to be true.

How can you try to convince an atheist that there is God using the Bible they despise? It won’t work! In many cases, convincing atheists about God will require much more than Bible knowledge to living out the nature of God and manifesting the power of God… That is what they can see and believe. It is what they can touch and believe.

Just my thought in the dews.

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