She Said “yes!” | Engaged, not Entangled

I believe I have a little community here and it wouldn’t be out of place to let you know about it.

I told her “let’s get married” and She said “yes”.

Not for the fun of it or for the social media frenzy. It was not just a mere emotional decision, yet, not one that is without emotions. It is a decision born out of necessity, mutual interest and of course conviction.

When we were kids, we’d laugh over the talks of marriage, not because we didn’t know it was important but because we weren’t mature enough to handle the thought of its importance. However, God blessed me with enough common sense to know that in my prayers, I should pray for my yet to be seen wife and unborn kids.

Like everyone else, I had searched in the best way I could, I had looked certain direction, looked at certain gifting, desired certain figure and even made my own human calculations. All those I thought would fit in couldn’t fit in.

This reminds me of Adam who was tasked to find a helpmeet and he looked in all creations but couldn’t find any. God caused him to sleep and God brought him a helpmeet. I remember the day I said to the Lord “I am done searching, it is time to go to sleep”.

I truly went to sleep but I didn’t sleep long. Sometimes, God allows us to come to the end of our own strength. Where we get exhausted is where he usually begins. It isn’t a bold step for me, it is a God-step. Yeah, God made it happen.

So, this is me, telling you that George is engaged, not entangled and it’s a journey that will lead to the fulfilment of God’s grand plans for me and the woman whom he has given me.

If there is anything we need from you, it’s your prayers.

Much more later, I’d be telling you a story. Perhaps, after we’ve walked down the aisle!😇