Some “Grace Preachers” Are Dogs

Some years back, a lot of “Christocentric” folks were speaking against tithing, sowing of seeds, lack of desire to know the word for oneself and so on. Guess what? Their congregations grew larger and they went mute on those subjects, started introducing those things back using semantics to play on people’s head.

First, they robbed their loyalists off the privilege to know God for themselves by introducing certain dogmas that makes them feel guilty to study the word for themselves and then brought back these things. Their loyalists cannot question them because according to them, being loyal means

• Don’t investigate Pastor’s teachings.
• Don’t ask questions.
• Follow me, not Christ.
• If I teach false, swallow it.

They may not use these exact words but that is what they imply. These days, they even get angry with you when you teach the same thing that they taught in the past which they still hold on record to be true but teach and practice otherwise.

These same pastors that once criticised tithing frown at you today when you do the same and in fact, they accuse you of attacking the Church. These same Pastors who once questioned a lot of things which seemed wrong and stood on the side of correct Bible interpretation in the light of the gospel will frown at you when you expose lies.

What happened? They had bigger congregation and felt that what they had been teaching before would give so much freedom to their members, they want to be in absolute control and therefore they have to do it by all means even if it means exalting their sentiments above God’s word.

They are “dogs”, they are going back to their vomits. They will criticize you for exposing lies, such lies as “if you don’t tithe, you are under a curse”. They will also frown at you when you encourage believers to ask questions, to subject every teaching to discernment. Yes, they still preach “Grace” but the love for mammon and power will never let them let go of their vomit.

They will see you as a rebel for asking questions and standing on the truth against the lies of “Papas”. Yet, they once asked those questions, they once criticized “Papas” till they also became “Papas”. New dogmas are beginning to take the place of the gospel in their congregation. The same thing Martin Luther fought in the past is back and multiplied.

May I never come to that point where I will be afraid to teach the gospel truth just because I want to be in good books of some folks. I want to be known for my sincerity and “stubborn” stand with the doctrine of Christ than associations that will only rob me the liberty to preach the gospel fearlessly.

These days, it takes a lion heart to speak some truth because the “cult” will consider you a heretic.

I know some folks who condemned tithing fiercely, I can unearth some of their teachings a few years ago but guess what? These same folks are the ones who consider you heretic today when you say “believers are not under a curse for not tithing”. What do you call that? They are dogs! That’s the only word I feel could describe them.

Do you know why they are like that? In the past, they didn’t seem to need tithe, they haven’t gotten some level of control and influence but now that they have, they can’t resist the temptation of “blowing in ministry” and therefore they subtly bring back those things they once condemned and they don’t mind twisting the scripture as long as it will favour their pocket.

I have promised myself, not to depend on ministry for food so that I don’t also make that mistake. This is not to say it is wrong to live solely under the care of those you Pastor but if it will mean dancing to the tunes of mammon, it is better to avoid sole dependence In ministry for food. There are still many young “Grace” preachers and Pastors who are sincere, God will always have remnants.

Of course, this will be seen as yet another “attack” by a “rebel” on the body of Christ.

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