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This is not really about Biafra but feminism.

Follow me patiently.

Do you know why some of us seem to have estranged ourselves from the Biafran struggle? It is not because we do not love, pray and desire and see the need for self-determination, it is not because we hate anyone… It is because we do not want to be identified with peddlers of fake news, propaganda, tribalism and hate.

You see, the struggle for Biafra is justified but how you decide to go about it may be unrighteous. You may only get to know that some of us are diehard Biafrans when you sit with us individually and engage in intelligent conversation. We just don’t want to identify with a crowd that despises logic, debates, healthy criticism and so on…

The enemies of Biafra are actually those who claim to be Biafrans but peddle fake news, lies, insults, propaganda and so on all in the name of Biafra. You are quickly called names the moment it seems you have a slightly differing opinion and as a result, you choose not to identify with a struggle that has been hijacked by bigotry.

But then, we are part of the problem because we allowed the wrong people to hijack the right course. When good men keep quiet, evil continues to thrive. Hiding will hurt what you stand for even the more. It is better to speak the truth and stand-alone but honourably.

There are truths you speak, you won’t just be fought by enemies on the outside, you will also be fought by enemies on the inside. External enemies always take advantage of this but they indirectly collaborate with internal enemies to fight a common goal.

Now, let’s change the subject.

Feminism is beautiful, feminism is just a label for an ideology that further campaigns for an egalitarian society where the woman is also respected and given the opportunity to be all she can be. Feminism promotes egalitarianism, it simply admits the ill-treatment that women receive in society in its pursuit for equality and fairness.

Just like Biafra, a lot of people are choosing not to publicly identify with the label because they don’t want to be branded wrongly. They are feminists in their heart, they communicate same when you seek their opinion but they do not put on a mark on their forehead that reads “I am a feminist”.

You know why? Because they don’t want to be identified with hate, insults and misandry. I know a lot of men and women who tell me privately “I am a feminist, I regard everyone equally even in my office but I don’t carry placard and showcase my passion about on social media because I want to protect my brand”.

I have experienced this too. Publicly identifying as a feminist which won’t stop have cost me a lot of things. Friends have quarrelled me with, some platforms have shut their doors on me, ministry friends have kept their distance because according to them, you can’t be a feminist and a Christian at the same time.

Just like the Biafran scenario, the biggest enemies of an egalitarian society which classic feminism promotes are those misguided folks who hide under the guise of feminism to spew their bigotry. People do some things because they are angry, there are people who truly do not hate others but their actions don’t agree because they are so angry and have allowed anger take over their tongues and attitudes.

Yes, it takes anger to change certain situations but it also takes anger to make situations worse. The problem is that there is just a thin line which many people do not realize they have crossed. As a result, it seems feminism is losing its meaning, people are beginning to regard it as synonymous to misandry.

What should we do? Keep quiet and allow the narratives to change? No! That is part of the sacrifice we are going to pay. While we fight the enemies with-out, you must fight the enemies within.

Unfortunately, sometimes, to fight these enemies, we must fight our own self. We must fight the temptation to cross the line, the temptation to hate and the temptation to fight dirty.

Fight the good fight, stand out and win honourably.

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