The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born

After watching the video advert of the latest Android phone, got thrilled by the camera quality, got swept off by the storage capacity and got wowed by the processor speed!


You quickly arranged money for it, rushed to the nearest phone store only to hear that the phone is only available on preorder for now. But the good news is that when you preorder, you also get entitled to free screen replacement within one year and some other goodies. You were willing to commit money and wait.

On the supposed date of arrival, you got an email that there may be a delay in delivery because of the global outbreak. Yet again, you were willing to wait for a little longer.

Finally, your most desired device, the high end but affordable mobile device gets delivered to your nearest pickup centre. Your first touch with the device sent goosebumps down your spine and the first selfie shot you had with it made you feel like you’ve been taken to heaven.

What a phone!

A few days later, while scrolling through your favourite social media handle, you see another video advert. The same business page, same video concept, almost similar device but with even more advanced features. Yours was Pro, this is Pro Max! Just a slightly higher price but not something you couldn’t afford!

You look back at your phone, the same phone that wowed you. It doesn’t excite you anymore, you haven’t exhausted the storage but the storage of the other device makes it look like child play to you. While you haven’t explored the full potentials of your device camera, the more advanced features of the other device make it look like a joke to you.

This was the same phone you were willing to make commitments for and wait for as long as it could take but now it’s different. It doesn’t catch your fancy anymore because you’ve seen something better and you wish yours was that good! You are even willing to sell yours a bit lower than you bought it just so that you can add more money and purchase the pro max!

The problem isn’t that your phone doesn’t serve its purpose, it does much more! The problem isn’t that there are default issues with it. Before now, its been without blemish! The problem is that you saw something you think is better, you saw something you felt you could have had if you waited a bit longer. Your ability of contentment just got exhausted!

One thing you didn’t realise until you made that costly mistake of changing your phone is that the pro max comes with less efficient battery and it happens to be one of your major needs, a need that took you time to realise.

Well. Well. It’s all the same!

This is usually what happens to us in our relationships and marriages. After proposing a relationship or marriage to someone, we suddenly come across that new person who seems to be more! More gifted, more learned more caring, more beautiful and even more endowed. We don’t just want them, they want us too!

Then, we begin to wonder. “Where have you been all these while? Why did you have to come now that I’ve given the ring of promise to someone else? Maybe, we will work a way around this…” Then, we begin to put more attention to what we don’t have and we begin to want less of what we already have.

In most cases, we begin to glorify what we don’t have over what we have but we also begin to fail to realise the beauty of what we have. The new girl smells better, she talks better and she seems even more well behaved than the old girl. New things always look shiny! Especially from a distance.

We love to wear our new shoes but when they disappoint us on the road, we fall back to the old shoes that probably had more quality. What if in our haste we dashed the old one out or threw it away? Then, we have to pay for our impatience.

No long talks.

There is always that better man, there is always that better woman, there is always that sexier person, there is always that person who seems to have all that we ever wanted, there is always that person who looks better!

Maybe, let me bring this closer to the religious and spiritual circle.

There is always that person who speaks in tongues more, there is always that person who is on fire the more and there is that person who talks more intelligently and knowledgable of the word. But remember, you aren’t marrying a shape, a look, a gift and so on! You need a partner, not necessarily a prayer warrior!

You need someone who even though doesn’t look like it yet is willing to go that extra miles with you than the person who already seems have arrived but isn’t going your direction. We are often blinded by our lack of contentment that we don’t get to realise these things till it’s too late.

Relationship and marriage won’t blind you from seeing even more beauties, it won’t stop wealthier men or women from coming your way and it won’t immune you from temptations. You just have to be content with what you have, you just have to appreciate what you have.

The slim lady may get fat tomorrow, the wealthy man may go down to average tomorrow and there will always be another beauty that seems to make light of what you’ve always thought was beauty. If you decide to take your chances to explore those options, it won’t bring satisfaction because as each day progresses, you’ll get to meet even better options.

The beautiful ones are not yet born except when you chose to define your own beauty; that which is in the eyes of the beholder. Whatever choice you have made, whoever you have decided to commit your life to, be content with that person. Chose to always see the better version of the same person. It isn’t automatic, it is intentional.

Although you will always go out there to meet diverse faces, full of smiles and visible desires for you, always come back to the one whom you have given your promise. Look into their eyes and say “I have chosen you above all and I’ll choose you again”.

If you are given a second chance to say “yes or no” to your partner, what will be your answer?


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