I have been a bit occupied recently with a busy desk, tight organogram and a notice board that keeps getting populated with reckless abandon.

A few days ago, I sensed a strange occurrence around me, I knew something was wrong, people were afraid to come outside and when I ignorantly did, people looked at me as a brave fellow. Right now, things have changed as I am not sure I am that brave fellow.

We’ve added extra to our security consciousness. While we are yet to recover from the lockdown, we have a self-imposed curfew on ourselves and once it’s 7 pm all doors are shut except the brave ones who keep watch with matchets, burning tires and drum beats of war.

Fulani herdsmen are closer than we thought. Whatever gives them the audacity to advance from the North, down to the West and towards the East with no strong resistance is strong.

They are already terrorising my neighbourhood; men and strong-hearted boys have to keep watch every night else they might risk losing the lives of their loved ones.

From Isele-Asaba down to Ibusa, people are now living in fear. The once peaceful neighbourhoods have become scary.

Our state governors are scared too. Not really scared of the herdsmen but scared of Abuja. A simple instruction will wipe off this menace. If they ban the activities of these herdsmen heaven will not fall. The worst that will happen is that we will stop eating red meat. Yes, red meat, the one that helps cardiac arrest thrive.

But our Governors? They are chicken-hearted, they want to please the superpowers in Abuja and people keep losing their lives. Can’t you see the politics they played around the discussions of setting up a security network like the original Amoekotun?

If Fulani herdsmen are already stabbing people in Ogwashi, Isele-Asaba, Okpanam, Ibusa and environs, then the South-East isn’t even a safe haven.

Posterity will judge these men who have the resources to protect lives but choose to play politics instead.

For our prayer warriors who think “die by fire” is a prayer, this is the time to practice better but the thing is, even matchets and burning tires seem more powerful than such prayers.

If God doesn’t protect a city, the vigilantes work in vain but God never asked the vigilantes to retire into their rooms calling down fire… They go to the city gates and get their guns busy knowing that of course, they have the backing of God to protect those who are vulnerable.

Stay safe.

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