Population Control may not be a bad idea

Many people believe that Christians shouldn’t talk about population control. After all, the Bible tells us that in the beginning, after God had created man, he blessed them and said: “Go and multiply”.

The same Bible tells us that God said ” subdue the Earth”, which means “take control of the Earth.” We have multiplied already, we will keep multiplying but it shouldn’t be disproportionate. We can make decisions on earth and this includes identifying problems and solving it.

Population explosion seems to be a problem, at least from my own point of view. Many wealthy and influential people have spoken up about these things before but some religious folks misunderstood some of them.

You see, POPULATION CONTROL is not a bad thing in itself. While there can be sinister motives in the mind of one, there can be a sincere motive in the mind of another. There are people whose call for population control is born out of compassion for others.

There are unconventional truths that we don’t like to hear but it is still truth anyway. I had written these things some days ago but because I didn’t want to offend Northern Nigerian friends, I decided to keep quiet but it’s a truth I can’t sit over anymore.

While I know the bigwigs may not get to see this, I can relieve myself of the burden for a while. I am not wealthy in cash yet, so all I can do is write my heart out to whomever it may concern.

Let’s single out Northern Nigeria as a case study. They are in a serious crisis and I’d like to call it “the crisis of population explosion”. I know a poor man from Northern Nigeria who has seven children, he left them and came to Asaba to start selling Oranges and watermelon on a very small scale.

He is a good but ignorant man who needs to be educated. The last time I was discussing with him, he told me he will be visiting his hometown to get himself a new wife. This new wife will also have her own children just like his previous three wives.

There is a system in Northern Nigeria called Almajiri. Whatever it is that this system stands for, it is becoming a crisis and as long as Northern politicians continue to play politics with it, they will keep betraying their voters. This system has the highest number of children without homes, food and education! They depend on street begging for daily survival.

You can imagine a region that has millions of children wandering the streets helplessly simply because they have no one to take care of them. Here in Southern Nigeria, we see some of these Northerners, healthy women, who are beggars alongside their children. Most of these women have up to five children and street begging is the only training they give these kids.

The other day, I saw one, she was already at her puberty age and I almost shed tears in the public. This young girl will soon be married off to another beggar (because they can only interact with people at their level) and the cycle will continue. She would be married off soon!

If I had money, I would have made an effort to negotiate to take her off the street and give her the life she deserves. Till today, that face haunts me whenever it comes to mind.

These children are not safe, they don’t have houses and I bet some parents of these Almajiri children do not even care about their whereabouts. This is an example of humans behaving like animals! Why give birth to children and send them away using “search for truth” as a convenient excuse to relieve yourself your responsibility of parenting?

Animals do better!

Please, this is not an attack to Nigerian Northerners, I am only trying to communicate a problem I’ve seen. The Eastern Nigerians are often called “Baby Factories” by these same people but I think that’s the word that best defines what’s happening in the North.

They are already exporting these children to other regions. Thousands of them are moving towards the South and of course in Nigeria, everyone has the right to migrate to any region of their choice. The moment interstate lockdown is eased, these children can move about the way they want if no law is put in place to restrict their movement.

This problem can only be solved by POPULATION CONTROL. This is 2020 and it is already becoming a threat to the North. What would happen by 2030, 2040 and 2050? Entire Africa will be threatened.

These are the kids that will grow up untrained and become rebels, armed robbers, rapists, terrorists, kidnappers and so on! It is not their fault, it is the fault of their parents. A simple education of birth control will save us from this mess but this idea sounds not just alien but annoying to many northerners especially the Muslims.

I don’t know how it’s happening elsewhere in Africa or Asia. At least we have ideas of how some countries have been encouraging having less number of children. In fact, certain countries will take the responsibility of sponsoring the academic training of your first and second kid while you carter for the third and other ones you want to have.

It’s time we start saying these truths without fear or shame. It is not an abomination to talk about population control and people aren’t merely being anti-bible when they address these issues. We can’t keep bringing children into the world when we can’t take care of them. The Bible defines such character as “worse than an infidel”.

I for one, will not have a single kid if I don’t have the means of giving them the life they deserve!

So, population control may not be a terrible idea after all. If what is happening in Northern Nigeria as regards the coronavirus pandemic is true, then North will soon be becoming the exporter of COVID-19, not just to entire Nigeria but to Africa. Why? Because they have an overwhelming population that cannot be controlled. It’s reflecting already!

My first recommendation is that the government should begin with a ban on polygamy without a license. If you want to marry more than one wife, you should declare your asset and an agency will analyse if you are fit and you should be made to pay a certain amount of money into a certain account opened in the name of the kids that are yet to come. Then, you can be given a license to marry a second wife. The same process should be repeated each time someone wants to marry another wife of which he hasn’t been licensed to marry.

If you can see the future, the overwhelming population growth will be a concern to you. Not that population growth in itself is terrible but because a large number of people that makes up this population cannot be taken care of.

Check the records. In a developed country like America, there are about 11 Million kids who live in “food insecure” homes. Not that they live without food but their next feeding cannot be predicted, anything could happen. In Africa, there are about 60 Million kids who live WITHOUT FOOD talk more of those who live in food insecure homes.

We haven’t talked about children living without homes or basic education. If it doesn’t concern you, it concerns me and it grieves my heart. This is a problem that can only be addressed by population control and this is what some people who speak up are calling for.

Thank you.

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