God, beyond words

Come to think of it, many times we use human ideas and words to try explaining God’s character but those words don’t do justice to the personality of God. Earthly terms cannot truly communicate the weight of God’s glory and God isn’t truly subject to our own definition of him.

He is just God all by himself and we don’t contribute anything in what makes him God. He doesn’t learn because he is all-knowing, he doesn’t make choices because he already knows the end from the beginning. He created the beginning and created the end. God doesn’t exist, existence came from him. God isn’t sustained by life, God made life! He stands outside of time and watches over time. He created all things but wasn’t created.

Have you ever tried thinking of what was the beginning of the beginning? Have you ever tried wrapping your head around the thoughts of what it was like before the beginning? Do we have any word to explain pre-beginning? Science has tried so much in unravelling many answers and let’s assume science understood the beginning. Do they have an explanation for pre-beginning?

What formed the universe? What formed what formed the universe? The list can go on and on but we will only end up running mad when we think these things because it is unthinkable! When we say “God”, you need to understand that he isn’t just merely God who created the Earth, he is beyond God the creator. We still lack words to explain to some extent hence Jesus is the clear representation of God’s character.

Jesus is the explanation of God that he wants us to know. If there were things we didn’t see in Jesus, then God doesn’t want us to know it because of course, there is a depth of God that we cannot demystify, we cannot discuss it because we have no words whatsoever in that regard. This is the God who said to Jeremiah just like he is saying to many of us today

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” – Jeremiah 1:5 NIV

He already knows and nothing gets him by surprise! There is no level of human advancement that shocks God, there is no discovery we make today that will take him by surprise. While we try to study extraterrestrial bodies and get a glimpse view of other planets, God knows them by their name, he places them where they are all by himself but these are what we take years to study, these are things that are a million light-years away from us.

God is both ancient and modern, he is 1815 as well as 2020, he doesn’t see the future, he has the future in his palms and they are yesterday to him. We can’t explain where God dwells except that he lives in the believer, we cannot or will ever see God in his true form. Jesus is the only way we can see God. Paul wrote saying

“who alone is immortal and who lives in unapproachable light, whom no one has seen or can see. To him be honour and might forever. Amen.” – 1 Timothy 6:16 NIV

He has the absolute authority over death, his lights are so bright that it can never be approachable. He is invisible yet he is visible in creation, his fingerprints are all over nature and they are so obvious. He made perfection, he made excellence and he is not progressive, we are progressive in our understanding of him. God isn’t adopting new measures, he isn’t discovering new ways of getting things done, what words are there to describe these qualities?

Now, you can see it so clearly that your acceptance or rejection of him doesn’t make him little? He knows our dreams before we had them, he knew our hairs before they grew up and he can account for every single human hair yet he isn’t an accountable God because he works for no one. He knows where each strand belongs to, he knows the very spot from where they fail off. Jesus said

“Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.” – Luke 12:7 NIV

Each strand of your hair has a number tagged to it, he surely knows each of them by name!

One thing he is terrible at is management. He isn’t just terrible at it, he isn’t at it in the first place. God cannot manage. Generosity isn’t a word so good to describe his careless giving! He gives carelessly to the point of giving us his ability to live forever! He is a God so loving that John calls him love!

In 1 John 1:8, John couldn’t explain further the degree of God’s love, there was no word anywhere for it and he summarily said: “God is love!” The ability of man to describe this love was defeated and in John 3:16, the writer couldn’t write “God loved the world”, there had to be “so”. If we were to read those words from the writer’s mouth, we could hear “for God soooooooooooooooo…” How long could we stretch it to be enough?

This so generous God doesn’t give a half blessing, he doesn’t offer salvation today and withdraws it tomorrow. He gave generously, leaving us with the option to receive or reject. This is why destruction isn’t for those who did wrong but for those who rejected his offer of salvation through unbelief. Not as though it is his plan that they perish, it is their duty to accept what has been given freely.

Only if we understand the extent of God’s generosity, we would understand the eternal relevance of the sacrifices of Jesus, the eternal lamb of God or we would call it God-the-lamb.

This is like the story of Israelites in Egypt where they only escaped death by smearing the blood of the lamb on their doorposts. The real reason for their salvation wasn’t the act of smearing the blood but the heart unto which they yielded to God’s instructions. You see, belief will always result in action.

Many of these Israelites weren’t any better than the Egyptians, the difference was that they simply believed! Had any Egyptian done the same, his family would benefit from God’s generous offering of protection from the Spirit of death. Being Israel was not the immunity, believing God was.

What should we say of Abraham? Don’t think he was such a perfect man! He was also serving his father’s gods after all before God called him. Wasn’t he justified by faith alone? Was God demanding of him uncountable and undoable laws? The beauty of God’s word is that it speaks better truth, better than the blood of those rightly accusing you.

Abel’s blood was speaking a truth, this truth was that Cain killed him but the blood of Jesus was speaking a better truth and this truth was that even though you have killed, even though you had done terrible things in the past, God hasn’t just forgiven you, he has pitched his tent in you! Abel’s blood was crying of the past but Jesus was declaring our deliverance from the past! What a freedom!

This is the extent of God’s generous offering of salvation. He already knew your past and isn’t surprised by them, he has seen even worse things, worse than you could ever get close to doing but in Jesus, God has chosen to unsee all of them!

God He is so careless in his giving that while we were yet sinners, he offered us a gift and ability to live his own life.

He is a good God! And yes, he is beyond words. Not in this life or even in the life to come can we find words to describe God accurately as who he is. Maybe, the only word that makes sense when discussing the character of God is Jesus.

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