“Hi George, in many instances in the Bible, we read that people fell on their face and worshipped God. We also saw that in the Gospels, Jesus fell on his face and worshipped God. I also know of a religion where its members usually fall face down when praying. Is this the right way to worship? Isn’t it something worthy of emulation since it’s all over the Bible?” – Toba

I have come across many opinions that seem to be of the view that worship isn’t complete until we fall down on our faces. Most times, it is always from the religious circles and not necessarily from spiritual people.

As believers in Christ Jesus, our relationship with God is on a personal level, not under the scrutiny of denomination or religion. We relate to God as our father in heaven and our response to him is usually on an individual style and not on stereotypes.

Falling down on our face just to be correct will end up as a ritual. It is not something that has to be a rule, it is not something that has to be a recommendation, it is something that has to be born out of reverence, not a formed reverence but that which stirs up as a result of personal experience and encounter with God.

Sometimes, in the place of prayer, I get broken, I go on my knees, I lift my hands, I cry, I lie flat on the floor… These things aren’t because I am trying to be traditionally correct but it is a response to how I feel at that time.

There are also times I experience overflowing joy in the place of prayer and all I do is laugh and jump around. When we systemize prayer positions, making it a rule or making people feel they aren’t worshipping right till they fall down on their face, it will stop being worship and start being a religion. Many things we call worship is religion and religion in a sense is not true worship.

There is no place God expressly told us that we must worship in a certain position. Jesus never asked us to fall face down, he didn’t have to. His statement was simple “A time shall come and is now when those who worship God will worship him in truth and in Spirit.”

We don’t have to fall face down just to be sure we have completely worshipped. If we define worship this way, we don’t know what worship means.

The believer in Christ is always in tune with God round the clock whether our faces are down or up. In Christianity, worship is not a moment, it is life.

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