Many outspoken atheists and agonists were once committed Christians. I have met some, some used to be my friend, some even used to talk about Jesus to the point you think they’d end up becoming Pastors or Evangelists.

At a point, they got offended.

They packed their bags, left the faith, burnt their Bibles and also started burning bridges. For some of them, they prefer Islam to Christianity, they prefer paganism to Christianity, they prefer just anything that would give them leverage to speak against Christianity. While they come with a front that they despise religion, Christianity is what they are angry about.

Within their hearts, they know that there is something supernatural out there but they just can’t place it. Experiences have raised the bars of their doubt and at the same time, they are burning in hate as a result of something they lost.

Is experience enough to question God’s existence? No. Experiences aren’t enough because we have diverse experience about marriage but the purpose of marriage still remains perfect. We have diverse family experiences but the purpose of family is still perfect. We may not even understand our experience of God when we keep looking at it through the lens of imperfect humanity.

Some became bitter about God because they lost a loved one, a desired life or just anything good that they hoped for. They are starting at life through the prism of carnality and spirituality doesn’t often make sense on the surface yet very deeply logical. We can’t deny people explanations but these explanations only make sense to the open-minded and not one who doesn’t care to listen.

We ask if God exists and the easy answer would be “yes” for the believer and “no” for the unbeliever. For another crop of believers, God doesn’t exist, existence came from him. We have no words to describe in human vocabulary to describe it. Even Bill Gates argues that we can no longer dismiss the possibility of God since science doesn’t have all the answers. Nature is too complex for even science to comprehend.

For many of these atheists, agonists and other unbelievers who don’t want to be labelled, God is reaching out to their hearts, they know it but some of them don’t just want to listen. In the secret, they question their stand, they know a lot of things are wrong but they can’t just help their pride.

Some people search about God, not to know him more but to prove he doesn’t exist. They have a preconceived notion born out of offence, anger bitterness and so on. While they can dismiss the written word, they can’t dismiss the walking word of God.

Sometimes, we are the answers these men seek. Maybe, just maybe… We can be that Epistles that explains to them who God is, not in mere words but in the demonstration of God’s power and character, not in intelligent arguments but in the display of God’s wisdom.

Often times, we think the demonstration of God’s power is just in raising the dead and opening of the blind eyes. More than that, we demonstrate the power of God in love, compassion and sincere desire to get others into this amazing life that can only be experienced in Christ.

These offended men may search scriptures not to find truth but to discredit truth but when that truth comes alive, walking among them, they can’t ignore it. What will a dying atheist do when a Christian leaves everything to be on his bedside? What will a hungry atheist do when a Christian sacrifices his or her own comfort for him? What about when we stand for what is right and stick to it? What about when we pray for these men and women in sincerity?

To any man out there who is burning in hatred for God, who believes they once called God and he turned back on them… Can you look back? Can you listen inwards?

There is a still small voice calling, beckoning on you. You’ve been ignoring it but its something that keeps coming. You give yourself a feeling of fulfilment but you know something isn’t right about your path.

You know it, there is something about life science hasn’t explained, there is something about life where philosophy is dead. That vacuum can only be filled by God in Christ Jesus.

Yes, we had lots of people coming to tell us they’ve found the truth but Jesus said: “I am that truth…” Lots of people came saying they found the meaning of life but Jesus came saying “I am that life.” He didn’t come setting rules, it was simple “I am here for you, believe in me and accept me. That’s all”

Jesus didn’t just claim it, there are uncountable testimonies on how lives have been changed the moment Jesus was given a chance. You can be the next in line.

Can harken to that voice now? He makes all things new.

You can lay hands on your chest in assurance and say these simple words of prayer:

“Thank you, God, for loving me and giving me Jesus. I believe in Jesus and I accept him as my Lord and saviour. I am a child of God.”

Yeah! That simple!

Welcome to the light and you can feel free to reach out.


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