PREDICTION OF OUTBREAKS | Are We Dealing With A Conspiracy?

Here in Nigeria and some other parts of Africa, COVID-19 is giving everyone enough reason to talk about a lot of things ranging from what is factual to very less factual. I know it would be the same for everyone elsewhere and it is understandable because it concerns us, it is our business and we have every right to ask questions.

Across many quarters, there are speculations that Bill Gates and other influential people have hands on the ongoing pandemic citing his quest for a vaccine. In fact, some people claim that he created the virus. While there is little or no concrete evidence to support this claim, it keeps gaining ground, especially among Christians in Africa.

One of the questions people ask is, if Bill Gates, Barack Obama, WHO, other persons and organisations were not part of a conspiracy to infect the world with a virus or use the virus as a distraction to carry out an agenda, why were they able to accurately or nearly accurately predict a possible outbreak?

Bill Gate had predicted a possible outbreak and Barack Obama also didn’t miss out on the list of those who predicted that there could be a possible pandemic which will be of global impact! How were they able to do that?

I am not a scientist but I will attempt to answer this question from what is common knowledge.

My stand on conspiracies is neutral, I have no informed opinion of whether there are conspiracies behind outbreaks or not. Some information out there as regards to that are still theories which have not been substantially proven to be true. While I am more likely to dismiss many of these theories, I wouldn’t want to say there isn’t any possibility. However, it is safer to admit that I don’t know than say what I may not be proud of tomorrow.

A lot may be happening that we can’t even find on the surface web but as regards to being able to predict an outbreak, there are factors through which people get to correctly predict outbreaks. When people are planning evil for you, I don’t see any sense in letting you know that something is coming. I don’t see any sense in giving grants to facilitate the research of a cure for the same sickness they created. Except of course they have financial stakes or shares in what would be the proceeds!

Some of these predictions are based on the study of previous occurrences. Just like the weather forecast, disease outbreaks are predicted by studying these diseases. This is why there are virus banks. Scientists keep studying how these viruses mutate so that they know ahead how to deal with it. They want to stay ahead of the diseases so that finding a cure won’t be hard.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t work as perfectly as predicted but it is usually something close. Some of these predictions don’t suggest that those predicting it are behind some conspiracies, the predictions may be results of intelligence.

We know that viruses mutate sometimes and scientists study the sequence, the genomes and so on. By studying viruses, scientists are able to understand the mechanism by which viruses and the cells that host them function. They also study what would possibly trigger a mutation and what it would mutate to.

Let me use our everyday experience for example.

A thief came to my client’s house and stole his son’s bicycle. The man had to figure out how he came in and blocked it. Furthermore, he had to predict how the thief might try coming in next time and what next he might try stealing. Measures were put in place to prevent such from happening. Guess what? The thief tried again and was caught.

So, while there may be conspiracies or not, some of these predictions are only based on forecast, the study of virus and intelligence.

While it is very safe to speculate, it is also safe to look at it the other way. One of the reasons we must not point finger till we are sure is because to bear false witness against another is evil.

“Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.” – Exodus 20:16

Is Bill Gate guilty? If he is, we haven’t found out and until he is proven guilty, he is not.

Stay safe.

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