If this pandemic didn’t affect you, you don’t know how “lucky” you are. But you may not keep being that lucky. Even if you are a multi-level marketer who use only social media to get people, it will affect you because it is money that people will use to become your downline.

For some of us, we are miles away from the virus itself but it has a crushing effect on our business. Needless to mention projects that have been cancelled, several dollars that have been lost, several opportunities we can’t explore anymore and several transactions pending till when God knows…

I am not just talking about its effect on the Global economy, I am talking about its effect on my own economy. Its a situation of being rich but being unable to access what you have because facilities and means of happening have been halted to a stop.

How do you explain putting all you’ve got for 3 months in doing a project remotely for an organisation based oversea and suddenly, when it was almost time to pay, activities were suspended, halting protocols required to make your money available.

For some countries, total lockdown will linger to June or even more and while we may seem to be enjoying a safer environment because of less spread of the virus some of us are being heavily affected by another country’s lockdown and not just ours.

For example, if you are a blogger whose AdSense payment has reached the threshold for the first time and a pin has to be mailed to your address, you may likely have difficulties getting it since postal services are limited in how they work at the moment. How about YouTube accounts and other digital platforms that are under review, taking more time than required?

Gone are the days when we think its their problem. It is also our problem. For example, if the curve doesn’t flatten, some of these countries will stay out of business and if they stay out of business, these organisation I worked for will keep my payment pending.

And if they keep my payment pending, I may not be able to foot my bills, I may also not be able to pay those I am indebted to or register for your “work from home” training. And if I don’t pay those I am indebted to, they may as well not be able to pay other persons and the chain continues.

Take it to the National level and you discover this is how national economies are affected. We keep spending from what we don’t have and boom! Recession makes the headline.

This is not a call for pity-party. Just letting you know how much we are connected and how much a problem for one is a problem for all. We are more connected together than we even know it.

How about those farmers who can no longer transport their perishables to some states where they sell because of lockdown? How about those small fruit shops that already had fruits they stored up and they can’t sell because many people aren’t out to buy? How about those exporting vegetables?

Yet, this is what started in Wuhan and someone in a village here in Nigeria who doesn’t have a National ID card talk more of international passport is being affected!

You know why? We are connected. A problem for one is a problem for all.

Let’s bring it home. Aside from this pandemic, there are many things that happen to people that we often wave off as not “our problem” and somehow it backfires in the future.

How many times have you thought “women empowerment” isn’t my business? How many times have you thought that “killing of Christians in the North” is not my business? How many times have you thought “Fulani herdsmen are not affecting me..”?

I live in Delta State, Nigeria and very close to me, Fulani herdsmen massacred a family! Some time ago, I never knew I would be this close!

Some problems may not be your problem now, but it can be your problem tomorrow. It may be happening in Lagos today, it can be Onitsha tomorrow…

When we pray and support others, you may never know how much you are sowing seeds into your future. After all, that little child you educate today (for example) may be the only doctor who would treat your son or daughter tomorrow or he or she may be the person who would give your son or daughter that contract that will announce them.

As you pray for others, you are putting things in place for your future. As you support others, you are planting palm trees that may take time to grow but grow eventually.

Next time you hear of earthquake or volcano happening in Iceland, have them in your prayers. You never can tell how the effect will ripple and get to your castle.


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