My name is George O.N, you can call me GracefulGeorge. I am a feminist because the Bible made me one. The Bible is the only book I have read on feminism with very few articles I’ve stumbled upon on the social media. I was a feminist before I knew the meaning of that word “feminist”.

The question is, what type of feminist am I?

I am that feminist who believes in the equality of both genders. Equality in the sense that both the man and the woman deserves equal opportunities with respect to their diverse abilities and capacities. Not necessarily equality in strength, equality in character or even equality in roles. No two strengths, character or roles are the same.

Jack and Joe are both male but they don’t possess the same strength. Both of them can comfortably run for the Presidency without having the same credentials. One may have expertise in grassroot leadership as an upper hand and the other may have expertise in international relations. Same should apply when we broaden it between the male and female. That’s the equality I believe in.

Equality in the sense that we can do the same work and be paid for the work we did. If Mary claims she can carry blocks at a building site, let her go ahead, carry blocks and be paid for it. Jack may carry more blocks than her but she should be given the same opportunity to carry blocks and be paid with respect to her own achievements. After all, Joe carries more blocks than Jack.

Equality in the sense that my daughter, Sophia and my son, George, will be given the same opportunity with respect to their abilities per time. If Sophia should learn how to cook, George should also learn how to cook. If George should be raised with a mindset of setting goals and crushing goals, Sophia should be raised with that mindset too!

Equality in the sense that George may be at the laundry machine and Sophia will be at the hanger. George may be cleaning the floor and Sophia will be wiping the windows. Equality, in the manner, that George and Sophia can be playing together but George will be made to understand Sophia’s fragility and handle her with care.

Equality, in the sense that none is superior or inferior to the other and equality in the sense that we can give everyone the opportunity to try and prove their expertise and strength in any given area.

This equality does not mean the female has suddenly become the male and can assume the role of a father, husband and so on. Not that one has a major right over another but that both are able to identify their areas of strength, acknowledge it and support each other respectfully.

I believe in the equality that is within the boundaries of Scripture and the Epistles. The equality where the woman can lead an organisation and where the woman can do ministry even as a wife. Equality where being a wife does not mean being a slave, where I can comfortably do chores without feeling I am doing my wife a favour.

I believe in the Equality where Sophia comes first and I don’t feel bad wishing George had come first. I believe in the Equality that Jesus believed in, the Equality that gave women right for ministry, the Equality that made the woman of Samaria an evangelist. I believe in the Equality that made a woman Judge over Israel, the Equality that made men bring their hard cases to Deborah without feeling inferior.

I believe in the Equality that respects my wife’s body and chemistry. Pregnancy and other hormonal changes can limit her at some point, I must understand it, support her and provide for her. I can be a leader without being a Boss, I can lead from the position of a servant which is what Jesus modelled for us. I’ve got no right to say her words doesn’t count and I’ve got no rights to see my opinion as final because I am a man.

I believe in ONENESS, the Equality instituted by God where a man leaves his father and mother to become one, in other words, equal with his wife. I believe in the Equality that the perfect man saw. The perfect Adam saw “the same bone with me, the same flesh with me.” But the flawed Adam saw “a subject that I can rule over.”

Yes, I believe in Equality, I am loud about it and got labelled a feminist. Now, I wear it as a badge, knowing that if we must get the society to work, we must learn to give everyone equal opportunity to contribute their quota. The world is heavily paying the price for ever brushing women under the carpet but the world is also waking up.

Now you see why I speak out? Because if I don’t, no one else will. I may not convince the crowd but the change can start from my home and with my home, I can set an example that will be the envy of those who saw the truth but chose to dwell in the mistakes of their fathers. It may have worked for your father does not mean it is working for you.

I love Jesus. I am a feminist because I think He was too!

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