“Lord, I want to burn for you!”
“Lord, give me Los Angeles or I die!”
“Lord, give me America or I die!”
“Lord, give me the world or I die!”

This and many more have been our heart cry!

We sing it in songs, we write it on books, we update it on our status,  we talk about how we have prayed and prayed and prayed even yet again. We have the aura that exhumes of prayer. If prayer was to be a perfume, we aren’t running dry on it because indeed we have groaned and prayed to take over the city in the name of Jesus!

We stay at home every night shedding tears with these words of “give me souls Lord” on our lips. The next day, we go about our normal businesses, work round the clock in our offices, spend extra time at the movies and come back home to recycle these prayers again. It’s very charismatic, the entire neighbours knows we are praying but it is becoming a ritual, what we are just known for.

“He prays like that everyday” they would say but when we check our report cards, nothing shows up and of course it means we have to pray more and pray even more! An addition of twenty one days fast will do.

Can I tell you the truth?

You already have the fire you are crying for, there are souls out there also crying for a saviour. They may not even know it, but deep down within them, something in them needs a saviour! It’s time to stop asking God to give you and start walking in the reality of what he has given you! At least, be faithful in the little and you’ll see yourself excel in the much!

You have the matchstick and the matchbox in your hand, you’ve got the fuel beside you and you still say that you need fire? Nothing else can be done for you that has not been done. Isn’t it when you strike the matchstick with the matchbox that it will lit? Isn’t it when you pour fuel that fire will keep burning?

The Holy Spirit didn’t leave you normal, God didn’t just leave you at the foot of the cross, he took you to the throne! Why keep pleading as though Jesus is trying to change his mind about salvation and the seal of the Holy Spirit? Why keep crying for the fire every day and night but end up doing nothing? How do you measure this fire without turning it on?

Paul & Silas went out to the streets, saw a possessed girl, cast the demon out and got beaten! Now, that’s how to burn! They were thrown into the prison but the prison couldn’t contain the fire! Everyone there got saved by the power of the Holy Spirit! That is how to burn!

Peter met a lame man at the Beautiful Gate, it was called beautiful but there was nothing beautiful about the life of this lame man. He was satisfied with being lame as long as he gets to feed everyday. Peter could have just thrown in a coin with words on his lips; those kinds of words that we have gotten used to today. He would have said “brother, God will see you through.” But that wasn’t enough!

Peter could have entered his room, locked the door to recycle the upper room prayer points, “Holy Ghost! Don’t leave me normal, Holy Ghost set me on fire…” No! He knew what happened at the upper room, he knew that the fire has been released already, he knew that if he wants to burn he only need to strike the matchstick into the fuel! He’ve got the fire, it’s to go ahead and burn that is the thing!

He looked at the lame man and said to him without hesitation and with a conviction born out of awareness and knowledge “I’ve got no money on me but I’ve got something greater than money! In the name of Jesus, rise up and walk!”

The fire doesn’t do the talking, you are the one who does the talking! When they had tongues of fire on them, and the people gathered, Peter stood with boldness, a boldness born of the Spirit but the willingness of his own to be used by God; he stood there and talked!

By the power of the Holy Spirit, more than three thousand souls were saved to God. This was possible because a man understood that he has been set on fire and that if he must burn, he has just got to burn!

The Holy Spirit never went on break, the upper room experience was the beginning of the move of the Spirit! When people ask for fire today, I like to think that they are asking for awareness, I like to think that they are asking for the eyes of their understanding to be enlightened, I like to think that they are asking for a revelation to know how much they have been set on fire already!

However, I am telling you now; you’ve been set on fire! Go ahead and burn! It is like asking God for provision and then you got job offers and opportunities but turned them down hoping that one day, money would rain in your room as you call forth money. Oh well, it will really rain down but that may be upon your grave, when your kinsmen will be dancing and celebrating their own success after you’ve died of hunger.

Faith demands that you act it! If you are thirsty and I get you a glass of water, you don’t start romancing the glass hoping that the sight of it will quench your thirst. It will be annoying if you keep asking me for water when you’ve got the glass of one in your hand! If indeed you are thirsty, you will drink of the cup immediately!

And guess what? Jesus said, “I am the water of life, drink of me and you shall thirst no more!” Everything God gives comes with eternal satisfaction, it is a divine premium package! If you have drunk of this water, you won’t thirst again! If you have received Jesus, you’ve got the Holy Spirit and if you’ve got the Holy Spirit, you’ve got the fire!

Hey! I feel like looking into your eyes and telling you this wholesome truth, you have got the fire! It came without a price on your part. Yes, it will take diligence and faithfulness for you to walk in it frequently but you’ve got it! Why still act as though you’ve not gotten it?

Stop crying for the healing power and start laying hands on the sick, start exercising your rights in Christ! Stop crying for souls when you’re not reaching out! Many keep saying to God “give me this city or I die!” But can I tell you?

Even though God had told the Israelites, “I have given you Jericho” they still had to go and fight! At first, it didn’t seem like they’ve gotten the city! That was because they were walking in faithlessness. Out of the twelve men that went to spy the city, ten came back with more reasons why Jericho cannot be overtaken. Yet, this was a city God had given to them. Are you like those ten men or are you like Joshua and Caleb who saw a city that already belonged to them and was ready to take over?

“Give me the city Lord or I die” but listen very carefully, if you do nothing, you won’t receive the city and you’ll still die.

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