Jide graduated with a first-class certificate, second to none in one of the best universities in the UK. A famous firm in Nigeria had hired him on contract to work for three months at the cost of fifteen million naira. This was exactly the life Jide had hoped for and he was living it! In three months, he was going to be fifteen million naira richer!

In the first month, Jide had re-strategize the firm’s marketing structure, he had revamped the websites and mobile apps and in fact, he had done what many could achieve in six months within one month and there was still two months to go.

Jide wasn’t slowing down, it was getting hotter every day and the firm’s ranking had gone up in the stock market, all thanks to Jide.

Two months had passed and Dele was introduced to Jide as an aide. At first, Jide never complained, he was doing just fine and never saw the need for an aide but what was his business? He was hired and if the boss felt he wanted to hire more hands, Jide saw no point objecting.

Dele’s first day at the office was awkward, he wasn’t very skilled like Jide, and he graduated from one of Nigeria’s unpopular polytechnics. In one of the occasions, Jide had wanted to make sure Dele was actually hired or was there for an internship but to his greatest surprise, Dele was hired too.

If Jide had his way, he would have questioned the boss because he couldn’t comprehend why Dele would be under a payroll. Dele was supposed to make payments since he was there to learn. Technically, Dele was receiving orders from Jide, he had to be directed properly before he could get a thing done and indirectly he was learning things he never knew.

It took Dele one week to get one of the projects handed over to him done. Jide’s consolation was “I am sure Dele is here for peanuts. If not, I don’t see the reason why Kingship Group would hire this dullard!”

On Dele’s side, he was doing the best he could. He knew he wasn’t so good but he was faithful in the little. He admired Jide so much and hoped to be like him someday. Even though Jide wasn’t being so friendly, he had a lot he wanted to learn from Jide including his diligence and excellence!

Just two days to the expiration of Jide’s contract, Aminu was introduced to him too! Aminu just finished her Educational certificate program in one of the low ranking Colleges of Education in Northern Nigeria. While she didn’t do well academically, she hoped to further her education when she gets the opportunity.

One thing Jide didn’t understand was why Kingship Group would hire Aminu of all people! Jide was fully aware that there was no other vacancy in Kingship Group; if there was any, he didn’t see the need and the worst of it all was that Aminu got introduced to him as a second aide. “Is this 48 hours aide? Is the boss in his right senses? Does Kingship Group have good advisers? Haven’t I done all the works? Well… What is my business? I am sure she won’t be paid except there is another job for her, probably as a cleaner!”

In the entire 48 hours, Jide and Dele had few things to round off and all Aminu did was to serve them and run few errands for them like getting the papers ready and ensuring the inkjet was not running out of ink. Jide had a final report to put together.

After the report had been put together, Jide gave it a second review. Dele’s input to the project was just three per cent while Aminu had offered nothing obviously because she was hired late for reasons best known to the boss. They were going to be having a meeting with the boss that evening.

There was nothing much was to discuss, the boss who founded Kingship Groups seemed very much grateful and Jide noticed something which he wasn’t very comfortable with. The boss wasn’t being particular about his efforts; the boss was rather being collective. He wasn’t comfortable with words like “you guys did a great job!” It was supposed to be “Jide, you did a great job!” The boss didn’t even look at the reports; he simply took them and handed it over to his aide.

“Well, what’s my business? I will take the fifteen million naira and they will be paid their peanuts… I don’t care if he acknowledges me especially or not.” Jide had thought to himself.

The boss had ordered that his cheque be brought to him. Jide was sitting much closer to him and he wanted to know what Dele and Aminu would be paid, he wanted to satisfy his curiosity and go home a proud man. To his greatest shock, the three cheque leaflets all had “fifteen million naira” written with their names on each of the cheque. Jide couldn’t take this anymore, he couldn’t hold himself again and he had to let it out!

“Excuse me Sir; are you paying these guys the same amount you paid me? For crying out loud Sir, I was here for two months before Dele came and he only contributed three per cent to the project! Dele isn’t worth fifteen million! How much did he spend in school? Were the entire expenses worth fifteen million? Should I talk about Aminu who was here barely 48 hours ago? Is that fair? I did all the work and should receive a fair share!”

The boss smiled, there was something about his smile, and it usually brings an aura of peace. He was very calm and well collected. He looked Jide straight in the eye and said “Jide, we had a deal. You agreed to work for Fifteen million naira and I am sure no other organisation will offer you that except Kingship Group. I am paying you exactly what we agreed and I am not being unfair. I want to pay others just the same amount I am going to pay you. Don’t I have the right to do what I want with my money? Or are you envious because I am generous?”

Jide couldn’t understand this, it didn’t make sense even to Dele and Aminu but they all got paid the same amount. It wasn’t necessarily because they merited it; it was because GRACE qualified them. Grace doesn’t seem fair anyway.

Based on Matthew 20

The End.

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