Life makes more meaning, not when lived in isolation because we are not wired to be alone. God knew this about man, he wanted to prove this to man and made Adam enjoy solitude for a while which birthed the statement “it is not good for a man to be alone.” We are made up of fragments of others and you proved it yet again on my birthday.

Words will fail me to express my appreciation to everyone who took the time to celebrate me. Initially, I had been scared of the calls, people singing the ancient and modern Patty and Mildred Hill’s ‘Happy Birthday’ into my ears and wishes. I was scared about how to keep up the smile and sound as though I have dealt with phone anxiety and being a wallflower; an art of manliness I must own. All the same, I was able to pretend all through and be the man.

The calls, the prayers, the care, the testimonies, and all other forms of good wishes came on another level, from people I am yet to meet and people I have come in contact with. It came on the radio, it was all over social media and I was made the celebrity of the day – you made it happen, I never entreated for it. If it was to go as planned, it was supposed to be a somnolent birthday but while there was no physical liveliness, every space reeked of the celebration.

Space, time and ability will fail me to mention names because I can’t keep a comprehensive chronicle of the good wishes and wishers; some who are my readers, some who are my colleagues, some who are my protégés, some who are my friends and so on. I want to stay on a safer side and not make one person feel neglected or unimportant – I value every one of you.

I may not have been able to respond to all the messages, all the social media posts, WhatsApp Status and so on, this is because only God possesses the ability to be everywhere at every time, only him can hear every prayer at the same time. Bear with the limitations I can’t help as I wish there was a way to go through all the posts, comments and messages.

This is me, taking my time to say to you that I love you and appreciate you for giving me reasons to celebrate myself. I am encouraged by your love and support to step up a bit, look back at my life to see what to drop behind and what to improve on.

As for my gratitude to God, I am writing Him a private letter, a love letter, where He alone is the audience.


I am George O.N, the Man in God.

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