The feeling of insecurity in a relationship is like cancer! It breeds unhealthy jealousy and slowly destroys a once fantastic relationship! People who usually feel insecure tend to suspect every move people make around their partners! They tend to suspect every call their partners did not pick and because of unhealthy jealousy that boils on the inside, they overreact!

Sometimes, it is not people’s fault that they feel jealous, it’s still part of their chemistry! It also shows the level of love they have for someone but it’s very terrible! The problem isn’t just the feeling of insecurity, the problem is not being able to manage it!

Sometimes, people feel very insecure towards their partners not because they don’t trust their partners but because of the upbringing, they had.

Insecurity results in overreaction, lack of understanding and fear! This can scare your partner away from you because you seem to be very overprotective! When you are in a relationship, you must learn to have your own space and also give your partner her own space.

You must learn to encourage her to get along with her own friends, it mustn’t be just about you and her! She needs her own time, her friends need her time and her family does too! Don’t think you’ll lose her and then begin to find means of caging her!

If you always feel insecure towards a relationship, the best way to get over it is to always talk to your partner about it, always make it clear that it’s your weakness and try to get used to your own space and friends. That the both of you are courting doesn’t mean you have to be isolated to each other! It will result in a very boring and horrible relationship!

Forget those lies, women want their man to always communicate but not as a pest! Insecurity makes one bug his or her partner with calls! This is because they feel that by calling, they are reminding their partner that they still have something together.

If you want to enjoy your relationship, give your partner some space both physically and digitally! You don’t call all the time just to ask her how she is doing. You don’t buy her gift all the time because you’ll end up creating in her a culture of seeing you as someone who is trying to buy her off by all means! You’ll end up making her value your gifts less because it has become very usual and unsurprising. You seldom visit, call and buy gifts so that anytime you do, she will value it and even show you appreciation.

Insecure people are very difficult! They find it difficult to trust their partners! As long as you can’t be where they are all the time, as long as you can’t watch them all the time, don’t try doing so! You’ll end up killing yourself! It doesn’t matter the text messages you saw, it doesn’t matter who she greeted on the road… If she had agreed to be with you, then she belongs to you but that doesn’t alienate her from other people! She still have her life to live and you don’t dictate how they do that.

If you always feel insecure about your partner, you must take some practical steps to control yourself. When they don’t pick your calls, don’t rush to send harsh SMS no matter how terrible you feel. You could drop a message like “sweetheart, I was calling to hear from you. Have a great day” or a message that communicates the reason you were calling. Even if they didn’t reply to your message, don’t panic till you meet them, talk with them and know why he/she did not pick your calls nor respond to your messages. You would be surprised they have relevant reasons.

You have no reason to allow the feeling of insecurity overcome you! You should be the one to overcome it! Don’t always try to prove you are the best, just be yourself! If your partner loves you for who you are, don’t fear… You will not be left alone!

Have time for yourself, make other friends and go out with them. But always respect your relationship with your partner and know the boundaries you shouldn’t cross with others. Women will always want the presence of their man to be celebrated! Don’t become just another neighbour… Make them to always want you! You too deserve to be loved!

Say no to insecurity… Don’t destroy your relationship!