Ideas are not so hard to come by. If you’ve ever visited the toilet, you must have met conglomerate of ideas. The laziest person on earth gets to meet ideas in the toilet too but it all boils down to implementation.

Have you seen politicians who make series of promises during election campaigns but sit back to do nothing after they have been voted? That’s the case with many of us! We’ve received wonderful ideas, we’ve even gone extra miles to write them down but we are waiting for the right time.

There is no time that is more right than now! Procrastination is the real enemy of progress and not your “village people”. One of the best things you can do for yourself is getting out of your comfort zone and hitting the nail straight to the wall!

Procrastination is a balanced diet for fear! Fear needs procrastination to thrive and failure is the first son of fear. The more you procrastinate, the more you give room for fear to grow. The more fear grows the more your ideas are unlikely to see the light of the day.

Fear hates will-power and will-power can be developed effortlessly. How do you develop will-power to do something? It is just by going ahead to do something! You’ve got a business idea? And you are afraid of failure? Just go ahead and do something! Even if you fail, you can count it as one of those things you have done!

Stop waiting until you get enough money! Money is never enough, Bill Gate is still doing business because more money means more money! Sensible people channel their wealth to the right course and there is always a right course that requires money! The list is endless… So, money never gets enough!

Your ideas are beautiful but its true beauty lies in its exhibition. You are looking for investors before you can startup? Investors are not looking for potential startups, they are looking for promising startups! When you are afraid of your own ideas, investors will be afraid of you!

It is time to get shameless, soil your hands and get dirty! Whether your soil is the keyboard or it is the earth, deep your fingers in them and start working! Golds and diamonds are mined out, they don’t roll on the earth!

Did you hear about the Biblical land flowing with milk and honey? They had to fight for that land and after the fight, they realized that it was the works of their hands that would truly make the milk and honey flow!

Do you want honey? Get to the honeycomb! Do you want milk? Raise a cow and start milking! You don’t just raise a cow, you’ll go ahead to milk it! Sometimes, the bee may sting you while you try getting the honey but it’s only a lesson on how to avoid it next time!

Start small and grow big! Nobody gives birth to a man. It is babies that grow to become men. Adults celebrate birthdays and I believe it represents something. Birthdays are indications that once upon a time we were born but here we are, looking more matured because we grew!

Is that idea is still in the conception stage? Give birth to it and take time to nurse it! On its great days, you’ll look back and say “I am glad I took those baby steps”.


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