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What is Gospel Tribe?

Gospel Tribe is a Gospel entertainment app that links you to latest free gospel songs, Christian news headlines and gospel gist. If you are a lover of good music and lover of healthy entertainment, you’d find Gospel Tribe useful.

Gospel Tribe is currently available only on the Android platform and you can get it from the Google Playstore

Features of Gospel Tribe

We carefully selected feeds that updates you realtime with world Christian news headlines, gospel gist and latest gospel songs. We also featured some categories of George’s Diary teachings on this app. Isn’t it amazing that you can be listening to songs while surfing through the news headlines or reading inspiring teachings? Here is a summary of Gospel Tribe features:

  • Latest Gospel Music Feeds
  • Christian News Headlines
  • Entertainment Gist
  • In-Built Player
  • Improved User-Interface
  • Articles | Opinions
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