1:20 pm | Thur, Jan 16, 2020

Ordinary men doing extraordinary things for the kingdom!

God is raising men from all works of life, in diverse sectors including entertainment industries! God is raising men who are just burning for him.

Most of them are not Pastors as in what we define as Pastors, most of them are artists, entrepreneurs, traders, writers and so on but aside their careers, they are reaching lives with the uncommon gospel of Jesus Christ in untold glory and power!

Gone are the days when it seems to be just Pastors! There is a dimension we are yet to experience! I am seeing it already! I am not talking about politicians bringing kingdom principles into politics, I am talking about Politicians preaching the gospel! I am not talking about artists acting Christian films, I am talking about artists preaching the word of God to those in their circle of influence.

When we hear about Angels preaching the gospel, the move just began! After performing comedy, that comedian will still leave the stage back to the mission field in the streets!

My soul is glad and I rejoice that it is happening in my day! Selfless men are being recruited into this mission field, men who are not after their own belly, men who care less about offerings but care more about souls! Men who preach the gospel because of the persuasion of the Holy Spirit in their hearts.

As the waters cover the sea, the earth is being filled with the knowledge of God! Many people who have been looking for answers will find answers this time! The answers they seek are beyond the experience of the miraculous. They are experiencing a mind shift, the light is flooding into their hearts, getting it ready for the wind!

Those who said there is no God, those who had doubts and left the congregation of believers; I see a mighty wind coming and this is the wind of peace and answers! Jesus is knocking at every door now and saying to them “you have sought for answers enough… This is me!”

I see again, the reign of Jesus! He is reigning in every heart. There is a divine-powered evangelistic move! We say the gospel rides on the wings of money but I see a move that lack of money cannot prevent! Every space, every corner and cranny reeks of the aura of God’s presence.

Those of other faith will encounter this and tremble at the feet of Jesus shedding tears of joy for a peace and love found at last! I write this with a melted heart, with shaking fingers and little taste of what is to come!

Jesus owns His Church, He is running the Church the way He wants. No Pastor, Bishop or other mighty men can stop this move. Like always in history, these ordinary men whom God is using will be despised and regarded as zealous sycophants but I pray I don’t fall prey, may I see them and recognize them and may I never be among those who will point fingers at them.

They are men of truth, in fearlessness and fierceness. Their boldness will be misunderstood as arrogance and their convictions will be labelled “I too know” but with these men and women, from all works of life, God is doing His wonders.

I did not write this on a note, I am writing them directly on this space for the first time. I see God beaming in a beautiful smile and I see the Spirit of Saints rejoice!

Precious Lord, I am a vessel, make me one of the many vessels marked for this special purpose. I don’t even know what and what is involved, I don’t know the ways around it but find may your expressions flow through me.

Are you reading this? Key in! We pray!

1:42 pm | Thur, Jan 16, 2020

– GracefulGeorge

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