He had just released a million of them, exposing them to the battle zone, arming them to the teeth and she had left them with just the prize! What prize? The golden egg!

Anyone who wins the battle takes the egg. Why in the world would millions fight for an egg? Well, it was also called the egg of life! They believe they had existed only for the egg, once any of them gets to the egg, the fight is over and gone are they into the world of no return.

Zaggar had to win, he thought to himself. This wasn’t just a race, and it was a battle, battle of life and death! He had waited for such a day and as he was leaving the tunnel where they had been locked for so many years, he had emptied his entire arsenal which he developed with time.

He had faithful allies too, they must help him win and they had decided to sacrifice their own lives for him as he had sworn to dedicate his victory to them wherever they are.

First, it started as a race, a race to reach the golden egg but as expected it was going to turn bloody because none would want another to win.

Zaggar had left on a speed of light but the location of the egg wasn’t something he would reach like that! He had to deal with his running mates; he had to make sure he kicks them out of the race or even get their vehicles down.

He had a special bulletproof powered vehicles endowed with machine guns both in front and at the rear. He must make sure he aims well before shooting in front so as to ensure he won’t miss the target and hit the egg (he thought so) but at the back, he would shoot carelessly and get anyone on sight down.

That was the plan and even if it was his men that go down they were willing to do it for their boss! One thing must kill a man after all!

The roads weren’t smooth like the ones we find in Gameloft’s Asphalt. It had serious bumps and their world isn’t anything like where we live in.

Zaggar had driven through the sharp bend, he didn’t see it coming on time but he managed to hold on strong to the steering, his body was almost touching the ground and it would be a disaster if it happens! He might just die, and if that happens, his years of practice and dreams of getting to the golden egg are gone.

Why the rush for the egg?

Growing up, Zaggar and the entire people in Zoa Nation would always visit the national field for readings from the Book of Purpose; this book was the most treasured material in the nation.

Therein was contained the only reason for their existence! They exist only for the egg, none of them had seen the egg and the description of the magical egg is what gets them excited and ready for the race. So, anyone who gets to the egg is considered one who has fulfilled purpose.

The golden eggs are located in a different planet that could only be accessed through the tunnel and they too had lived their lives waiting for the day of salvation.

It was a day an eclipse must happen but it was going to be unusual and unprecedented. They had to stay prepared as it would happen without warning. The Zoa nation and this mysterious planet will go out of alignment and hit together making it possible for the Zoans to jump on to it and start the race.

That day, according to the book was called “the day of purpose”. The book becomes demystified for anyone who engages in the sport but the unfortunate side of it is that only one person survives at the end. But what’s the essence of living if not to fulfil purpose?

According to the book, there are millions of golden eggs on this other planet but it can only be won one at a time. Any egg that remains unclaimed for a long time melts away into nothingness.

One beautiful feature of these golden eggs is that they are aware of the warriors coming for them and each time they hear the rushing sound of Zoans coming in their millions, they quickly get ready to welcome them!

This time, the news of the race had reached them and the matured ones had gotten ready for the show-off! They are golden eggs indeed, dressed in their most attractive regalia like royalties sitting in wait for the warrior to come.

The sound was getting closer, to them, it wasn’t scary, it was a sound of victory and the befitting warrior could even have as much egg as his strength would carry. Now, that is the part unknown to Zaggar, his men and his rivals. The Book of Purpose has deliberately hidden the secret from them!

Zaggar had successfully outrun the entire racers except for Haddam who was close behind him. Haddam had a very sophisticated vehicle which he developed himself over the years. Zaggar didn’t feel threatened by Haddam’s trail behind him because Haddam is one of his men.

Haddam had promised to always maintain his speed behind him and try distracting their opponents. But right now, Haddam had one fear. They had almost won!

He would watch Zaggar break forth into the egg zone restricted only to one person who gets there before others and he would watch Zaggar have the golden egg. Then his own strength would leave him and he fades away into a world of no return.

“Was I made to serve Zaggar? Is that my purpose?” He thought hard as he maintained his speed.

Zaggar was beginning to feel uncomfortable too, he had his own fears but didn’t know why that fear kept coming. There was no one in sight anymore and he doesn’t know why he feels that Haddam would betray him.

Haddam joined his team very late, Haddam had to be self-dependent for years, he was self-made and had his own factory where he produced his vehicle and weapons. Zaggar wasn’t the only one who had team, there were various other teams and these teams all wanted Haddam to be part of them.

When Haddam reached out to Zaggar who had the most advanced and well-trained crew, Zaggar felt blessed, he was wowed that Haddam had to come himself and because he wouldn’t want to scare Haddam away, he gave Haddam the highest position, to be his closest knight.

Unlike Zaggar, he didn’t subject Haddam to training, inspect his own lab and see if Haddam had conformed to his own rules. Unknown to him, Haddam was the ‘baddest’ engineer Zoa Nation had ever produced in their own generation and Haddam had some formulas nobody had ever dreamed of having. That was more reason Haddam didn’t want to form a team, he wouldn’t want his secret formula to being decoded.

The road sign read “one minute to the egg zone”, Zaggar was thinking fast but Haddam seemed to have had his plans beforehand. Zaggar had pressed the missile button and before the missile shield would open, Haddam had activated flying mode.

It was the most beautiful sight Zaggar had seen in his life as Haddam’s vehicle soared into the sky, missing the missile and surpassing Zaggar’s vehicle.

In a twinkle, Haddam had broken into the egg zone. He was super excited, it was a beautiful sight, more beautiful than Book of Purpose had ever described.

Zaggar’s vehicle had halted to a stop right in front of the egg zone. His only reward was that he would see the beautiful sight but never partake of it before dying away! No wonder, the Zoans had never had anyone return from this adventure to tell the true story!

Zaggar couldn’t drive further. “Haddam betrayed me” he sighed “but I have seen the most beautiful sight my entire life! A flying vehicle and a glimpse of the egg zone. Maybe, I fulfilled purpose.”

Haddam could see more than one golden egg; the book never said that too! He was supposed to kiss the egg! Yes, that is what the entire battle was for, to kiss the egg and not to take the egg back to Zoa Nation. No one has ever left the Zoa nation and returned. With utmost excitement, Haddam kissed one, kissed another, kissed another and kissed yet another! Four! Four egg! It was a super win!

“Mr and Mrs Clarence… Follow me to the office I’ve got amazing news for you” Dr Peters announced to the couples. He maintained the smile on his face, holding strong to a brown envelope and maintaining an ordered step to the office.

Mrs Clarence held her husband’s hand as they followed the doctor. For some moment Mr Clarence was just observing the walking steps of Dr Peters

“Do they also teach walking steps in medical school?” He joked and laughter rented the air. At least, Mrs Clarence needed that comic relief, she wasn’t feeling very strong.

They had gotten to the office; the Doctor went to the windows and drew them open

“let’s have some fresh air, it is healthy. Many wouldn’t agree with me though” he smiled turning to look at the already seated couples.

They were used to what Nigerians call “initial gragra” of doctors. Mrs. Clarence is a Nigerian who had left for the States some years back to study Public Administration under scholarship and finally fell in love with a white man. Dr Peters had been their family doctor for some years now since they got married.

“The Peters… What if the good news is that after years of wanting to have a child she finally got pregnant with a baby girl?” Dr Peter asked staring into the eyes of the already excited couples

“Are you saying my wife is pregnant?” He asked in excitement, tears were already rolling down his wife’s cheeks “I don’t care if it is a girl… She is my baby after all!”

“Hold on… that is not the news” Dr Peters smiled “the news is… from what we can see… Your wife is having four babies right there in her womb, two ladies, two gentlemen”

That was when the African-ness of Mrs Clarence got activated! She got up and started dancing to the tune of a song only her ears were hearing. Both males watched her dance; their faces were beaming with smile and Mr Clarence boasted “that is the queen I married… My African Queen. It has been a tough fight!”

“Congratulations Mr Peters. Make sure she is taking good care of… Four babies… That was a big fight and a big victory! Congratulations once again”

They kept watching her dance with designs of joyful tears running down her beautiful cheeks.


First published as “Lord Of The Womb”

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