SCARED OF CHANGE? | The Story Of My Baldness

I want to share a quick story about me and my bald head. Before 2015, I had full hair on my head and it made me cut my hair in styles I wanted. When I finally taught I had gotten the hairstyle that I wanted, I started noticing drops! The hairs in front of my head were declining!

It was giving me sleepless nights, I felt it was a problem because I was still in my twenties and shouldn’t be known with a bald head as though I am an old man. It was giving ne too many concerns that I had to start looking for solutions.

I stopped carrying things on my head, I started going to 5-star salons for hair treatment. I was introduced to all manner of hair solutions. First, I was asked to dye the front part of my head so that it would look as though it was covered with hair.

I started searching Instagram and stores to see magical products that would give me the desired help! I bought Hair Now Now, Hair Magic, all manner of Oils and so on. These things promised quick results but within some months it was as though it was getting worse. I was in fact, imagining results into my head.

One thing I had never wanted in my life was to go bald! On no, not me! I wasn’t financially rich and I didn’t come a family that could afford every luxury, yet, I made monetary sacrifices and investment on my head just because I didn’t want to accept that sudden change.

At a point, I had to sit myself down and talk to myself. I realized that I was being scammed by people who take advantage of us to make imaginary magical products that are as good as pouring water on your head. I found out that the only solution would be hair surgery. If there was another solution, it would still be as expensive as hair surgery. The price of hair surgery will start something good for me and push my career to the next level.

The hair I was fighting to have doesn’t put food on my table, it doesn’t change who I am, it doesn’t bring me any money! Why fight so hard for what doesn’t matter? If we were being paid according to the number of hair on our head, it would have been worth it but nothing about our hair contributes to our pockets except I was a hair model…

I decided to chill!

If you know how much those fake hair solutions are, you’ll know how much I spent seeking for a change that isn’t necessary, trying to fight a change that has come to stay. The hair I was fighting for was something I was always going to cut every month if they eventually grow.

The change of perception made me see the beauty in baldness. I decided to appreciate my bald head, I decided to see it as a design and I stopped being worried about it and rather started loving it. These days, I am deliberate about making it obvious that my head is bald.

In the part of the world where I come from, many believe that baldness belongs to great men! I am a member of the “big men’s gang”! Hahaha!

What is that thing that you want to change? Is it worth all the investments and sacrifices?

What changes are you scared of and unwilling to accept? Is it worth being scared of? Some things get us worried simply because of perception. If you could look at it from another angle, you may see the beauty in it.

Learn to accept who you are and who you are becoming. If you don’t accept yourself, no one will do that for you. You become attractive the moment you start loving yourself and who you are. If you are endomorph, accept your body and never want to be like ectomorphs. What you don’t like about yourself is what someone else is praying to have!

Some things are not meant to change. Accept what you can’t change and never let it bother you! There are some changes you can’t fight, channel your strength to more relevant things!

A photo of George Onyedikachukwu Nnadozie

How do I look with my baldness? Cute right?

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