I get to appreciate people’s uniqueness more when I look at it from another perspective. Every now and then, whenever I want to frown at the sight of someone’s feature, the word of the scripture comes alive in my head saying “all things were created for his pleasure…”

We often want to picture God as a mean perfectionist who demands perfection from everyone and demands that everyone do the same thing the same way. We want to picture him as an anti-social who has no positive feelings but only emits fire when we refuse to play by the scripts.

In our minds, we usually put God in the seat of a commander in Chief! A mean weapon-wielding big guy who is just power and blood drunk! This is as a result of religion. Religion wouldn’t want you to believe that God does have fun, religion wouldn’t want you to believe that God laughs, dance or watch movies! God doesn’t want us to see him as the Chief commander, he wants us to see him as our father.

Do you think we got all these recreational activities figured out on our own? Hell no! We actually got that from God! We are the movies that God watch! I believe that when we dance, he enjoys himself! Imagine God telling the host of heavens “look at that son of mine over there doing his best with those new steps!”

You may wonder, but the Bible never said God does have fun but it didn’t say otherwise too! If you think the Bible never portrayed a God who makes merry! You are wrong… All over the Bible, we see a fun-loving God! From the beginning, we see God who would always come walking among men in the cool of the day. I am sure it wasn’t “thou shall not” trip that he usually came for. He was coming for fun!

The idea of fellowship should not just be about piety, it is also about love and the expression of joy before God! If God laughs at his enemies, that means God laughs with his friends! In the story of the prodigal son, we see the father throwing a party! Jesus was not talking about an earthly father, it was about our heavenly father! Imagine God throwing a party!

When Jesus came, the first miracle was a party-miracle! He turned water into wine! Wine is like a party fuel, the more wine, the more the party is likely to go on! Sometimes, I ask myself “of all miracles, why would Jesus turn water into wine? Why didn’t he just make them lose appetite and there would be no need for wine?”

First, Jesus attended the wedding, not to officiate but to be part of the party! Secondly, Jesus turned water into wine, a better wine at that! His own wine tasted better which means people could drink more!

That party-miracle was a blow to religion! It is also beautiful to know that Mary understood this; she wouldn’t have asked Jesus to do something if she didn’t have that understanding. I believe there was a tremendous mind-shift after the Holy Spirit came upon her!

How about when Children were coming to Jesus probably not to learn but to play around and Jesus stopped the disciples from restraining them! He didn’t stop there, he went further to say that the kingdom of God belongs to these ones! In other words, until you come before God as a kid, in a less calculated manner, expressing yourself just the way you are, you can’t find yourself accessing certain dimensions of the kingdom!

You can’t be religious and have the heart of a child! Religion depends on what one can be able to do but a child depends on everything that the father can do! Religion will tell you “do something and God will bless you!” But Christianity says “you have been blessed with all spiritual blessings!” Is this not amazing?

God doesn’t fall into the definition of what we call serious, he is as fun-loving than we can ever imagine. He loves our differences, he enjoys our diversity. There is only one thing God wants us to have in common and that is his life, personified in Jesus. Aside from that, he loves that I am dark, you are fair, I am short, you are tall, I am extroverted, you are introverted, I am opinionated and you are not! God loves it that way!

Without the life of God, we start living outside God’s purpose for our lives. Whether you are quiet or noisy, you see yourself not fulfilling God’s own special desire for your life. The life of God in a man brings full definition to our uniqueness but outside Christ, our uniqueness becomes a weapon of attack against another person’s personality. Outside Christ, we begin to see fault in what we ought to appreciate.

If God made us for his pleasure, then he is surely enjoying our drama! He is not interested in changing your uniqueness, this is why religion is dangerous! He simply wants to channel your uniqueness towards the purpose for which you were made and the only way to get this thing done is in Christ.

All the disciples of Jesus had their differences. The same Peter that chopped off someone’s ear was the same Peter who with same aggression preached the gospel and won souls! The same learned Pharisee who desired to persecute the Church out of zeal was the same man who wrote a larger chunk of the New Testament using same zeal! It came to a point he said: “I choose to know nothing but Christ!”

In one of my teachings, I have said that what we call weaknesses are strengths that got manipulated and pushed out of purpose! They were all designed in us by God for a purpose that can only be fulfilled in Jesus!

Next time you see someone different from you, always know that God loves them that way. When you look yourself in a mirror or have someone trying to make fun of you, your skin colour or just about anything, tell yourself “God loves me this way and that is all that matters!”


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