What has been holding you from opening up to someone about what you feel? How about those that hurt you and never knew they did? Have you been keeping it to yourself hoping that someday you’ll find healing? How about starting up that idea but you are scared that you will fail and people will mock you? How about making that request but you aren’t sure you’d get “yes” for an answer?

Will he or she beat you up because you opened up about what you feel or like about them? Will they flog you for saying “I like your shirt?” Or even “I like your personality!” The highest thing they will you is to snub you isn’t it? You are scared of making them feel more important right? You are scared of greeting first because you doubt they will respond to you, isn’t it?

How about that hurt, is the reason you haven’t opened up about it because you don’t want to be criticised or even left alone? Is the reason why you aren’t working out that idea because you don’t want to fail and have people talk about your failures?

Listen to me… Damn the consequences and beat the fear! Nobody will beat you for telling them what you feel, they will rather snub you but it doesn’t change a thing about you, it doesn’t remove a strand of hair from your body, it doesn’t debit a cent from your account! Snubbing you is their own problem and not yours.

If you have to greet first, go ahead and greet! If you met someone for the first time and admire them, don’t keep it to yourself. If it’s their shirt or hairstyle that you love, feel free to communicate it and stop bothering yourself with their own disposition. Their disposition is theirs, your expression is yours.

When someone do something wrong to you, tell them how you feel about it! Even if they will say you complain about everything, don’t let it get at you. The most important thing is that you’ve released the burden in your heart and what they think doesn’t change you. Even if they didn’t apologise, it does not change who you are!

When you want to try out something new, perhaps a business or project; don’t be concerned about what people will say when you fail or how people will regard you because it is something they feel is below you. What they feel will not change who you are, it will not change the fact that you need to do something, it will rather keep you from doing something when you heed to their condemnations.

Our greatest limitation is seeking for people’s validation. We seek their validation before we can say what we feel, we seek their validation before we can embark on career-journey. To live for others does not mean to live in other people’s opinions. When you try something and fail, count it as what you have done and damn people’s criticisms.

People seek for validation when they have low self-esteem, people are scared of what others will say about every one of their moves because they don’t feel they are wise enough to take decisions by themselves. Such people will also not want to take up huge responsibilities, they always want to stay in the dark because they hate the spotlight.

Break out from your hiding place.
Damn what people will say and go-ahead to implement those ideas or open up about something. Before you dance, don’t ask yourself “what will people feel about my dance steps?” Don’t wonder if they’d laugh at you for not dancing the way they do! When you are able to do what you want to do without fear of people’s mockery or criticism, you’ve conquered low self-esteem.

Nobody is responsible for your life than you. You have a choice and the right to welcome anything you want into your life. Telling people how much you admire them is your right too! It doesn’t make you less, you don’t need to borrow their own mouth to say it, you don’t need to seek people’s permission to tell them anything you want to tell them. It’s your mouth, it’s your opinion, it’s your feeling. Own it with pride whether they appreciate it or ignore you!

Wherever you are and wherever you will be is entirely up to you! If you won’t pay my bills, you’ve got no influence on what I decide to do. You’re welcome to advise me, you are welcome to criticize me, you are welcome to share your own opinion but at the end of the day, the opinion is yours and my actions are mine. I still decide what to do, I still decide how to feel after you snub my chats or greetings.

Letting myself get overly bothered about what you think means that I have less control over my life. I decide what to wear, I decide what to eat, I decide what to read and I decide my actions! God does not rob us these basic rights why then should you allow someone else rob it off you!

When people reject you, don’t reject yourself. When people ignore you, don’t ignore yourself. When people laugh at your failures, don’t laugh at yourself. Forbid whatever you don’t want. When you realize something is affecting your peace, forbid it the same way you forbid sickness.

It’s up to you to keep people’s opinions where it belongs. It is up to you to decide what to do with them. Aside, God, you are the next person who owns your life… Not even your parents or anyone else own it as much as you do.

Start living now.

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