2020 | Stay!

You are here for a purpose, that purpose is discovered in God’s word. The circumstances and failures of the past do not hold true or define who God has designed you to be. First, it is worthy to note that God designed you as a type of Himself but you truly find expression when you study the character of God and who you are in Him.

It is beautiful to reaffirm the words of Paul which say “in Him we live, move and have our being”. In other words, our existence and survival are dependent on God, our destiny is tied to God’s purpose for our lives and it is by the knowledge of His character that we learn and express who we are. Outside God, we are as good as dead.

God has given us a means to know Him more and to know ourselves more. The means is His word, this same word took up flesh and became a man. We are begotten of this word and we grow by this same word. The word of God is Jesus and we find the true revelation of the word and personality of God in Jesus and His character.

God’s word is the best direction one can have for as we understand God, our purpose becomes clearer. His word is the light unto our path and they that walk in His word will never walk in darkness and confusion.

As we celebrate a new decade, a new year and a new month, always learn to define your life in line with what God has revealed through His word. It is a season of signs and wonders because you were made for that purpose. But we begin to work out these supernatural aspects of our lives when we deliberately live for others and not yourself.

Learn yet again to love more and more, to be at peace with all men and to shine forth the light that God is producing in you. Don’t relent in reaching others with the gospel for this is the true expression of love… We are saved by God’s love and this same love has been shed abroad in our hearts. Therefore, we reach others with the saving gospel of our Lord Jesus.

Let God’s word guide you throughout this season as always.

Happy New Year.
Happy New Month.

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