FULFIL TODAY | Just Before You Make New Year Resolutions

Making new year resolutions is one of the simplest things to do in life. Just sit where you are, say stuff you want and that is it! New year resolutions proclaimed and locked but you may still find yourself ending the year with certainly no accomplishment.

Many times we find ourselves in the realm of ideas, God keeps stocking awesome ideas in us but we don’t work on them because we are waiting for the new year before we can enforce these new ideas. Remember, a new year doesn’t mean a new life, it doesn’t mean a new world, it doesn’t even mean new strength… It is a sign that you are getting older and that your time on earth is winding up gradually.

Lots of instructions abide in many quarters, telling you what to do in the new year, telling you steps you should take to have a fulfilled new year. We read and hear stuff like:

“In 2020, you must stop this…”
“In 2020, you must stop that…”
“In 2020, you must do this…”
“In 2020, you must do that…”

As awesome and true as they are, you don’t have to wait for 2020 to make that change you ought to make. You don’t have to wait for 2020 to make that decision you are supposed to make. You don’t have to wait for 2020 before you start up that idea. If now is too early to start, tomorrow may be too late to stay motivated.

Strike the iron while it is hot. If you couldn’t defeat that addiction in 2019, why do you think it will be a smooth ride in 2020?

2020 won’t come with some kind of magical powers that enables you to do what you aren’t doing now. What you couldn’t do now, you may still find it difficult doing it in 2020.

Live intentionally. Start living now… Fulfil today!


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