You promised yourself to learn a lot of skills. You promised yourself to diversify and create other streams of income. You didn’t relent, you joined all sort of business groups on Facebook, you started networking with great minds, you started reading books, watching live videos and taking notes!

You didn’t stop there, you got yourself registered in various classes including online classes. You signed up and bagged several certificates from free and paid courses. Then you looked back at all you’ve done, the only difference was that you acquired more skills, more knowledge but nothing else changed. You still found yourself doing that one job you’ve been doing, you tried venturing into one of the things you’ve learnt and it was not perfect, you decided to keep your cool.

Don’t keep your cool! You must keep heating and hitting the iron! Many times, the reason why nothing changed was not that the classes didn’t offer you value! It is not because the posts you read throughout this year did not offer you value, it is because you thought knowledge is like a magic spell. You thought everything will fall into place the moment you gather knowledge. Knowledge is not a magic spell, you are the one to pick the pieces and solve the puzzle. It is not a “confess it and have it” stuff.

We’ve always heard that practice makes perfect. Do you know that when you commit a little time every day to practice any skill you’ve been exposed to, you’ll keep learning more on your own? No coach will teach you every single detail in a career, some are meant to be discovered by you and you only discover them in the place of practice.

You’ll keep making mistakes and keep discovering how to fix or avoid those mistakes. I have met lots of people who said they wasted money attending some seminars, they attended seminars on building solar electricity generators, forex trading, website development, content creation and so on. They were expecting that the fact they attended those training would do some magic in their careers.

Many times, the reason people pay for classes and feel like they wasted their money is that, after the class, they expected magic to happen, they expected that the moment they touch their work tools, they will start seeing results. It is not like that. Don’t expect to see the same results your teacher is seeing. Don’t expect to have the same level of achievement your teacher is having! You may be better than your teacher but it will take some time because it also took your teacher some time to get to the level he or she is. Don’t expect to do the kind of designs I do on smartphones in only five days of attending my seminars. You’ll do better but you’ve got to practice!

Do you know why many firms will not just want an educated fellow but an experienced fellow? It is because the educated fellow may only have the information but have not put them into use! Another word for “experienced fellow” is practising fellow.” Some things a lot of us do today are things nobody taught us, they were things we only learnt because we were practising. It is not practice when you don’t put consistency in the equation. It is terrible that after paying for courses and attending them, you go back to your comfort zone! No matter how busy you are, you can devote time to practice.

Have you taken your life stock? You may have registered and participated in some classes over the years, you may have travelled across cities to attend seminars and workshops. That’s awesome! A major move! The question now is, have you been practising? Have you been putting the skills to work? Have you imposed an internship on yourself? Have you tried being productive with what you learnt? Have you tried spurring your creativity?

The right time to start is now! The right way to start is to start. Stop waiting till you gather more and perfect information, don’t wait till you’re good at it. You can’t be good at what you never worked on. Even if you are talented in something, you won’t be good at it when you don’t develop it. Start now and make mistakes, ask questions and start afresh!

The edge you have is that you’ve been exposed to that skill, you’ve been given the information. How you use it, is up to you!


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