Nigeria: BUHARI & HIS CABINET | A Mistake?

My platforms are solely dedicated to a vision that has been clearly defined. Forgive me if I throw in random opinions to express how I feel about certain situations. You won’t see this often on my blog and platforms, I don’t hope to frequent it because I don’t want to shift focus.

For the first time, I feel like running away from Nigeria. I have always wanted to visit other countries but have never felt like migrating out of Nigeria to somewhere else. Now, I feel like running away!

Before 2015, I was yelling on top of my voices that Buhari is not the good thing that will happen to Nigeria, I implored that we all vote Goodluck Jonathan the second time, I wrote so much to discourage those who were boycotting elections. I was just a tiny voice anyway, the louder voices were busy singing “from Goodluck to Badluck” and their loyalists were busy defending them because they are the ones that carry oil!

Guess what? We went to sleep, Buhari was voted in. It wasn’t rigging, Buhari clearly won the election because those who were supposed to vote for GEJ went to sleep.

Since then, I never talked about Politics again, I went mute. There was nothing to talk about anymore since I am not used to talking too much about those in authority. Every single thing we predicted about Buhari is unfolding with a great degree of consistency. Buhari and his government are consistently evil and they pride in their evil with reckless abandon! We got Nigeria into this mess when we decided to boycott elections in 2015, when we listened to some voices from the Northern part of South East, claiming to be speaking on behalf of the Holy Spirit, naming GEJ “bad luck” and naming Dictator Buhari “the messiah”.

When Buhari was sick and rumoured to be dead, I remember having a dream where I was in the same room with Buhari in London. I saw his various cabinets and they said to him “can you do a press release to tell Nigerians yourself that you are still alive and not dead?” I saw Buhari laugh and he said “I am not doing any press release, I will come back and they will see I am very much alive and even stronger!” I remember posting that dream on Facebook and I remember a lot of people doubted me. It happened just the way I dreamt it, that was my first times having such dreams as it concerns the country.

I remember that prior to the 2019 election, I and few friends went around encouraging people to go out and vote. We hired a camera, we did videos, we discussed why people should vote. While it is clear that the election was rigged by the incumbent, it would have been even more obvious if we joined strength together to vote one candidate who would have at least delivered us from this mess for the moment. There is a level of massive vote we would have given Atiku, it will become too obvious! With the way Nigeria was, some still didn’t vote!

You see what is happening to Sowore and others who dared to speak up? Nigeria is in a big mess, human right activist Deji was brutalized by thugs under the watch of the police force. No arrest was made, no statement was released. There is an extent we can take in this country. We have senseless, stupid and callous people parading themselves as leaders! Oby Ezekwesili, Fela Durutoye, Moughalu, Sowore and the rest were supposed to see beyond what they were seeing. Most of them vigorously campaigned against GEJ, Saraki and his colleagues did same! Were they hypnotized? Why was it that those of us who knew little or nothing about politics saw what they didn’t see or were their personal interests blinding their eyes? They all combined forces to dethrone GEJ and enthrone Buhari. It became a case of giving monkey banana and not being able to take it back. They created the demon they are fighting now but this isn’t just their fight, it is our fight too and we should focus less on blame games.

Someone said Buhari is God’s will for us, that God is using Buhari to restore sanity in Nigeria. I don’t know who revealed it to them but all I see in this presidency is evil, the very characteristics of the devil! They lie, they kill, they destroy and it looks as though there is a hidden agenda beyond the one we know that they are running. I am not denying that it can’t work for our good anyway.

Buhari is the biggest mistake Nigerians made in the history of this country. Campaigning against GEJ in 2015 by most people was clearly a mistake, boycotting elections was clearly a mistake. We would have employed the same strength we used in voting GEJ in, to keep him in the office. GEJ may not have been as strong as we wanted, he may not have been everything we wanted but situations have proven to us that we had the better choice but never noticed. This is the case of knowing the value of what you have after you have lost it. We lost GEJ and we lost our voices! We cannot even protest anymore, we cannot even demand accountability anymore and we are scared of writing on Social Media too!

We have been reduced to wailers just as I am wailing now but we can’t do anything. We get angry but we can’t do anything… This is what we have been reduced to. Once I am done wailing, I will go back to my enclave! Who wants to be brutalized? No, not me! I am not too strong for myself at the moment talk more about being strong for a country.

I don’t wish these so-called leaders the peace they deprive others of, I don’t wish them the happiness they deprive others from and I don’t wish them well at all. Somehow, someday, may they face judgement! I don’t know how it is going to happen but as it never ended well with so many dictators in the world, may it never end well with them. One thing I can always do is pray. I will act when I have the opportunity to but now, all I can do is pray for God’s will in this nation, yes, I will pray and pray yet again hoping that light will shine at the end of the tunnel.

I am done wailing, let me get back to my enclave.

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