A young lad once wrote an unpopular opinion on social media. It was an opinion that bothers on Christianity, his Christian friends and colleagues didn’t find it appealing, they didn’t just disagree vehemently with him publicly, they also made fun of him, insulted his person and questioned his calling. I met with him one day and he related to me how he has withdrawn from the social media space, he told me he had lots of trauma as a result of people’s reactions. I understood him perfectly fine but I had some words for him. I will share that with you in my next article. We face this on daily basis.

Around 2014, I served in a certain ministry as a leader. At that time, I had responded to the nudge I had in my Spirit to start teaching using the internet. At first, I didn’t want it to seem as though I was trying to pull off, so I was running it as the internet arm of the ministry I was leading. I ran it for a year and a few months when I started facing a certain level of persecution within the house. I was accused of trying to hijack the ministry and trying to fuse in my own personal vision into the ministry. I was asked to dissolve it. I had to pull off the internet arm, I discontinued the website and started what you know today as George’s Diary while I still served in the ministry.

My teachings on the internet weren’t going well with lots of folks, it wasn’t going well with some executives I was working with too. Not that I wanted to be controversial but because I was scared of not teaching what God had shown me in the word and was also scared of twisting the truth to please anyone and displease God, I had to stick to it. I faced the panel of elders a lot of times where they asked lots of questions. I remember one of the days I was asked to choose between holding on to the leadership and discontinue the internet ministry or hold on to the internet ministry and get sacked from my position. I chose to quit the leadership position but wasn’t permitted to leave immediately though.

Continuing with George’s Diary affected my relationship with many people in different ways but because this was what God was leading me to do, I was ready to sacrifice even more relationships than meddle with lies and deception. The vision behind George’s Diary was to build a platform that isn’t bound by denomination, where the timeless truth of God’s word can be communicated. It was a platform to share my daily encounter with God’s word and other inspirations with Jesus being the centre theme.

However, the impact we made with George’s Diary and what it is continually evolving to became a big encouragement to me. Perhaps, this is why I feel uneasy when people criticise the internet ministry. I remember a certain lady who had turn away from the Christian faith, she encountered one of my articles and booked appointment with me. She told me she was getting back to sort things out with God and she made peace with God!

As awesome as it is to house people and train them, the internet ministry is also amazing! With billions of active users on the internet, it is not out of place if we take the word to them. There will always be that one person who is confused, that one person who stopped going to Church for one flimsy reason or another, that one person who is seeking for answers but don’t know where to go to. The major advantage of the internet ministry is that it helps identify these people, impact their lives and ignite that hunger once again after which they are likely to find a fellowship close to them and join. People go to the search engine looking for answers everyday, when there aren’t sound teachings on the subject they are searching for, they will stumble into the wrong teachings. It is our desire to keep making contents available to cover every question anyone would have.

Through what we do on the internet, we’ve received various testimonies. We’ve received messages from people who burst into unknown tongues after reading our articles for the first time, people get direction and we’ve even seen healings take place. The internet ministry is like the ocean, the fisherman casts his net and hook up to any fish available. Not everyone on the social media are believers, not everyone are committed believers, not everyone has found a place that they are convinced to stay, not everyone has the boldness to open up to their Pastor to ask certain questions. Some people have been watered through what we do here, we didn’t plant them but we watered them at the slightest chance we had.

The internet ministry is serving a divine purpose in collaboration with what God is doing in various many platforms. It is unhealthy to criticise the internet ministry, it is unhealthy and wrong to make a mockery of people who have focused on the internet to reach out to souls. I think some people don’t appreciate internet ministries out of envy, insecurity and strife!

The internet is an evangelistic tool and believers can take advantage of it. I am gifted by the Spirit of God to teach and while we have other things we are doing offline, organisations and fellowships that we run offline which are independent of the George’s Diary project, and commitments in the local assembly, we also believe that Jesus is on the internet and we aren’t stopping no matter the persecution, no matter who loves us and who doesn’t, no matter who agrees with us and who doesn’t.

Since 2015 when George’s Diary started, we have invested a lot of money including a website we couldn’t sustain for some time because of funding. We aren’t collecting offerings or making demands for any kind of seeds, few times we had taken donations from couple of persons but the only motivation by which we had continued running George’s Diary is because we want to also fill the web networks with the word of God. Sometimes, we don’t just release articles,  we pray and make the soil soft in the place of prayers before releasing materials.

As we keep growing in the knowledge of God’s word, we hope to keep getting better at what we offer, we keep updating our old contents to reflect our growth and we keep showing the world Jesus. We also hope to keep finding better ways to communicate our teachings. We will also appreciate volunteer editors who would volunteer to edit our materials before we release each of them.

We find satisfaction even when it’s only a single soul that was reached by our materials in a day. Sometimes, people stumble to our blog from the search engine… These materials we release may not matter so much now but in the near future, it will be the antioxidant that will catch up with free radicals! It is like a messenger on a journey. We don’t know the exact direction it is going but we know it will reach where God wants it to.

We aren’t there yet but we keep following God’s leading, we keep pushing and will continue pushing. We’ve come too far to stop now, we’re convinced of what the Lord will have us do. We’ve also launched another George’s Diary project, Alive Dailies, a daily devotional that will become a standalone platform by 2020.

Keep praying for us, we need one another, we are gifted for one another. The most important thing is that Jesus is glorified.

– George O.N –
George’s Diary | House of Vasiliea