Does God Have The Final Say?

In the part of the world where I come from, we always sing a call and response song that says

“Who has the final say?
Jehovah has the final say…”

I believe in the sovereignty of God, I believe that God can do what he pleases and no one can question him about it, I believe that God can do all things all by himself! But I also believe, with regards to what the scriptures teach, that in God’s sovereignty, he has chosen to work closely with man in establishing his agenda on earth. In his sovereignty, he has chosen to leave us with an opportunity to make choices. Talking to the Israelites, Joshua said to them

“Choose today who you will serve. For me and my family, we will serve the Lord.”

As much as God had chosen the people of Israel, as much as God brought them out of Egypt to worship and serve his agenda, God still left them with the choice of choosing him or not. God’s say wasn’t final in their individual lives. I haven’t come to refute the sovereignty of God, I have come to show us how God uses his sovereignty. When God gives us an option but also show us the option he wants us to take, it means that God has seen the consequences of our wrong decisions and want us to decide rightly for ourselves. Choice is one gift God gave to man, he isn’t forcing the man to obey him, he gave us free will so that we can freely follow!

In this regard, you have the final say! God has already given his word and his word became a person, Jesus Christ, in whom we find rest. However, not everyone is saved because not everyone has accepted Jesus. You begin to implement God’s word and his judgement the moment you say “yes” to his word. Until you accept his word for your life, it may not become yours and the consequences of rejecting his word are yours to bear. The Bible says in John 3:16

“…Whosoever believes shall not perish.”

To say yes to God’s word means to stay in active compliance with his word. God told Abraham to go to a land that will be shown to Him. God didn’t force Abraham to a land, he just instructed Abraham to go to the land that will be shown to him and Abraham obeyed. He said yes by being in active compliance with God’s word and he fulfilled the purpose God designed for him. Had Abraham refused? God would use someone else and Abraham would bear the consequences of disobedience. Sometimes, it is not like God is punishing us for disobeying him, we simply walk into danger by ourselves when we refuse to obey.

For example, God’s word instructs that we flee all forms of sexual immorality. Committing immorality may not make God punish you but the emotional hurt that comes after break up is something you walked into by yourself, the diseases or unwanted pregnancies that may arise as a result isn’t a punishment from God but a danger you walked into! When you forsake the bridge and drive straight into the river, you will drown!

God brought salvation to the entire world through Jesus but some aren’t saved yet even though this salvation has been given. Until they say yes to God’s gift, it is not theirs. When a young man proposes to his girlfriend with a ring and the woman don’t accept the ring, the engagement hasn’t happened in the first place but the man has proposed. Believing is both vocal and active. The Bible says in Romans 10:10

“For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved”

We are justified in God’s sight just by accepting the gift of life that God has offered us. We begin to implement this salvation by becoming vocal about it! It is your acceptance of God’s salvation that makes it yours. Everything God has to say has been said in Jesus and it is now left for you to accept it and make it your confession! What are you saying today? What are your confessions today? Are you confessing a doctor’s report or God’s report? Are you confessing fear or hope? You’ve got the final say and what you see is what you say, what you say is what you get. Are you seeing fear or are you looking unto Jesus?

I admit you cannot stop God, your disagreement of his words cannot stop him from doing what he wants to do but it can stop you from benefitting from it. Until your mind is renewed, until there is a mentality shift from fate to faith, until you key into God’s life-changing words and plan for your life, you may never attain to that height God showed you that you will attain to.

You don’t just believe it in your heart, you also confess it with your mouth! You come to an agreement with God’s word and start allowing it to take form in you! When you confess God’s word over time, you’re letting it have a form in you, you are letting Christ have a formation in your character. This is what confession and the vocation of same do!

Now, you have a say! What are you saying?


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