Do We Still Need Academic Certificate?

Recently, a young boy asked me if he needs to obtain academic certificates? Is it necessary or just a waste of time? Does it guarantee financial security?

My answer is very simple.

You shouldn’t go to school because you want to be financially secure. Even your high-income skills won’t guarantee your financial security! However, you should go to school because of the experiences you’ll grab and because of the benefits, it will give to you as you pursue your career path. Many people made it n life without a certificate but everyone’s experiences aren’t the same!

I don’t know how this applies outside Nigeria but I know that as much as we encourage people to go beyond school, many opportunities in Nigeria are more open to people with certificates than those without one. You need a certificate, especially if you are coming from a poor or low-income family! If you are from a rich home, you may have only a little or no problem establishing your own dreams without certificates. It’s still possible to do this without certificates if you are from a poor home but it is a lot easier when you are certified.

There are voluntary services that organisations won’t even have you render if you aren’t certified by the University. As much as it is not ideal, this is how the world works at the moment and we must face it. Don’t avoid the university if you have the means except you are pursuing a dream that the university will obstruct.

If I should complete my degree and post-graduate certifications, I will be doing so mainly because there are doors I want to open with those certificates. Don’t let anyone discourage you from completing or enrolling into some academic programs. However, don’t just depend on it, also pursue skills and perfect in it! The certificates may be the only key that will open the doors of certain opportunities but your skills will make you stay in the room.

To be certified means that you are endorsed by a reputable organisation to carry out certain services. If you have Havard University certificate, for example, it means Havard is telling the entire world “we’ve tested this person and he is fit for this particular services we have endorsed him for. We trust him…” Some people will want to do business with you simply because you went to Harvard.

If you don’t have the means, don’t lose hope! Many people made it anyhow, they seized certain opportunities and ventured into something different that announced them beyond certificates.

There are some doors you may need a certificate or someone’s influence to pass through. You may not need a certificate to stay in the room but the key to the door of the room may be your certificate or your father’s influence.

If you don’t have a rich and influential guardian and you come from a low-income family, your battle is very tough! I am not saying you can’t make it without a certificate but IF YOU HAVE THE MEANS, obtain one… At least, it can help you knock boldly on some doors. Add it to those amazing skills and you’re more advantaged.

I say this from experience.

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