Once upon a time, I stole a student’s school fees to buy textbooks for myself because I was being flogged every day in school by some teachers for not having textbooks. As a school prefect, they always humiliated me in the assembly ground for not having the school’s diary. Morally speaking, I wasn’t such a bad child, my mother did lots of job as regards to raising us to be morally sound. I took the money hoping magic would happen, I was hoping there would be a miracle as to how to replace the money but it never happened!

I was caught anyway, but guess what? I wasn’t suspended from the school, the principal had my backing and she even waived off the young boy’s school fees for that term. She wasn’t happy that I did such, she was a bit disappointed but she knew this was like a war for me. I was a young boy struggling to meet up with the pressure of the teachers when my father had become financially handicapped. This happened after my father lost all he had in a fate we never prepared for.

When things were good, I had gone to the principal demanding that I start off a school fellowship which she approved. I didn’t run that fellowship even after approval because I became scared but she loved the fact that I had that bold step to write her a letter asking that I run the fellowship with her permission. She even offered me some privileges to feature in the school prayers during Christmas party at that time. I became the assistant chapel prefect afterwards, it was the best position I’d serve in.

I was a young boy who felt very inferior, a core introvert who hardly stood a stare but I managed to perform as the assistant chapel prefect. It was as the assistant chapel prefect that I stole the young boy’s school fees because I felt that was the only way to walk out of the humiliation I faced. The textbooks I bought with it are still in our family apartment now, my younger siblings used it too.

While some teachers wanted to humiliate me with what happened, the school principal didn’t allow them, she knew I was a young boy who was struggling with many things. After the initial questioning, I never faced further panel, she asked that the matter die an untimely death and only very few persons knew that this happened. My family, the family of the boy whom I stole his money, the Principal and few teachers knew it but the principal prevented it from spreading.

Why? She believed in me, she believed that I wasn’t perfect, that I was a young boy who was prone to error, that I make mistakes but that above my mistakes I deserve respect, understanding and patience. She gave me the opportunity to regain myself and no teacher was permitted to talk further about it. I wasn’t even stripped off my position as the assistant chapel prefect but shame made me withdrew for some time which left with time.

Coming across the story of a student of Babcock University who was expelled from the school simply because a sex tape involving her leaked tells me a lot! It means that as long as you are sinning differently and pretending to be good, you are a good student of Babcock but the moment you are fished out, you are sent packing! First, the video wasn’t recorded in the school premises, the video wasn’t released with the consent of this girl, she may have even been a victim of blackmail! I think the university, as a missionary school didn’t reflect Jesus at all! They would have asked, “what would Jesus have done?”

I wish I am standing before the administrators of the university, I will speak into their ears.

You claim to build character, you claim to reform people. Then, someone you claimed you were training was caught in a web of sexual scandal! Expelling her was a senseless thing to do. You should have brought her in, make her feel at home and make her know that “this is supposed to be home away from home. If everyone else laughs at you, we are still committed to our promise, to train you and help you out of every mess.”

Expelling her is actually how Babcock University has brought a bad name for themselves, at least to me and other concerned individuals. The future of this young girl would have been evidence of their commitment, I think this is a test that they failed woefully.

First, it has become obvious that their claims of training and building character are false! They are rather looking for an already built character so that they’ll pride with it and claim it’s their own doing as they have always done! For me, this puts a question mark on their integrity and I can’t trust their school with my ward since they aren’t fulfilling their promise.

This young girl did very wrong by having premarital sexual affair, she may not be a novice, she may be a pro in the game and may even have always wanted to do worse but as a missionary school, there is no level of bad behaviour bigger than the instrument of correction which is God’s word and love. This would have been the time to win this young girl, the time to prevent her from becoming worse and the time to make her realise that love conquers all manner of evil.

Send my message to Babcock.


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