Never live your life on chance, don’t put yourself at the mercies of fate. Be intentional with your life and don’t let the flow carry you away. Doctors don’t learn their profession when emergencies happen, they learn it before emergencies! They take their time, spend several years in school and prepare for emergency cases if they really desire to be a solution in that field!

Have you seen a pilot who started driving the aeroplane by accident? Life shouldn’t be about trial and error all the time! To fly a plane, you must learn how to drive it. Otherwise, you may not just crash and kill yourself, you may kill others too! Like I will always write, opportunities can happen by accident but success is prepared for.

Show me a man who learnt how to ride a taxi in the face of an opportunity to be a taxi driver! They learnt it earlier and then were able to take up the opportunity to drive a taxi when it called! Whatever you face tomorrow should be what you’ve conquered yesterday. Why wait till you feel sick before you learn how to take care of yourself? Why wait till you’re married before you learn how to be a partner? Why wait till you have a child before you learn how to parent?

Some knowledge doesn’t have to wait till the need arises, you’ve got to gain them before the need arises. There are prayers we are praying today that we should have prayed earlier, avoiding damage is better than controlling the damage. You don’t learn your numbers when the need to count money arises, you learn your numbers and when money starts flowing you can count and do basic calculations.

You have no business with what you haven’t learned, you have no business with a task you never prepared for, you have no business with a marriage you never trained yourself for, you have no business with a profession you aren’t skilled on. Well, if you must venture into it, you’re taking a careless risk! When you buy a car before learning how to drive, you may not only crash the car, you may die with it!

That prayer point, sacrifices, and knowledge shouldn’t wait till you’re married. Pray that prayer now, make those confessions now, make the sacrifices now, gain the knowledge now! Today isn’t too early to learn what will drive you through a phase of life in the future.

The best way to solve a problem isn’t when or after they happen but before they happen. Wise people project problems and start solving them! Projecting problems don’t mean being negative or hopeless, it means you understand life and you are ready to face it squarely. We will be living in falsehood if we think that there won’t be any problem or challenges in this life.

In marriage, for example, there are issues that will arise, there are misunderstandings that will happen! Wise people don’t let these things happen before figuring out a way out, they get ready for what is to come and when it comes, it won’t overwhelm them.

Some challenges will never overwhelm you when you were prepared for it!


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