Quote: You Are Not A Failure

After a very dark night, we’re usually welcome by the beautiful sunset. Darkness after light helps us appreciate light the more! Failing before you succeed makes you appreciate success the more.

If you are reading this, you are not a failure! Failing doesn’t make you a failure, it makes you a potential winner, it makes you someone with lots of experiences. You only become a failure when you’ve perpetually given up on yourself. The one time feeling of “giving up” doesn’t even qualify you a failure, it shows you’re simply human!

You may have not been able to keep up with your vision for the year, you may not have achieved success in that project you started, you may not have finished writing that little book you began last year, you may not have cleared off all the debt you acquired! The list is endless but because you’re still here, it means you’re still a potential winner. You aren’t a failure if you made it this far. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

You are a potential looser if you’re thinking failure but you aren’t a failure yet. Most of us are standing between losing and winning, why not chose the better title, “potential winner”? You are far better staying positive than thinking failure!

So, if you survived all these years, all these months and all these storms, don’t let anyone brand you a failure because you aren’t one. The fact that you survived alone makes you a winner. Instead of focusing on your loss and failures, why not celebrate your small wins and see the ugly experiences as elements of success?

Have you heard the success story of Gold? Have you heard that they didn’t look nice from the beginning? They were seen as trash by some people? But after passing through the terrible experience of fire, they come out shining! Sometimes, failure is part of our success stories!

I remind you again, you are not a failure!

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