DON’T AMPLIFY FEAR – Trust God And Act On It

Don't Amplify Fear

Many times, God gives us a go-ahead order to do something but we get so scared to take a step simply because we don’t trust Him enough. Some people trust that God can heal their headache but can’t heal their toothache, some trust that God can give them daily bread but cannot give them more than what they have worked for. Many people hear God but they don’t just trust completely and this is because they are looking at natural circumstances, they are considering the facts and figures, they are looking at the doctor’s report, they are looking at the rate of human failure! So, they end up feeling “well, God loves me but maybe this is God’s way of teaching me something.” It’s true that God can use any situation for the benefit of those who love Him but many times people accept failure as God’s way of dealing with them or teaching them something simply because it is the most convenient thing to think at that moment.

God is not pleased when we don’t trust Him completely. He isn’t pleased when we have a thousand and one excuses as to why His words will not be fulfilled. It is a natural thing for humans to always point to their inadequacies. When God came walking in the garden, Adam was running from Him and when God spoke to Adam, the first thing Adam pointed at was his inadequacies. He said to God “I heard you but I was afraid because I am naked.” (Genesis 2:10) When God told Abraham that they will have children, Sarah laughed pointing at her old age! It’s always being natural for man to point at his shortcomings or reasons why God’s word may not be fulfilled and this way we limit God’s power from flowing through us.

Many of us have excuses as to why we can’t do what God has laid on our hearts to do. Many will point to their bad character, Moses pointed at his inability to communicate fluently, Peter pointed at his unworthiness to be with Jesus. Whenever we let those fears and shortcomings become an obstacle to God’s call upon our lives, we may lose out in what God wants to achieve with us. Fear is the major reason people don’t take steps that God had laid in their hearts to take. Some won’t enter the city God asked them to enter because all they see are Giants! Some won’t do the business God asked them to do because all they see are people entering that business and failing! Some won’t even remain in a relationship because they either feel unworthy or scared while it is God’s arrangement for them.

When you let fear take you out of the course God has set your life on, someone else who has dealt with fear will take that place. When you let fear deter you from doing that business that was laid in your heart, someone else will take up your place. There isn’t any vacant position that will remain vacant simply because you were too scared to fill it. Someone else will apply for a job you were scared to apply for, someone else will embark on that project you are scared to embark on, someone else will discover that product that only you had the formula if you let fear stop you from doing something. There is no position meant for you perpetually, someone else can be there! In God’s agenda, everybody is replaceable and many times He gives to the unwise unusual wisdom to take the place of a supposed wise man. God will not pause His purpose in wait for a man to respond. He is patient, He is merciful and will always give a second chance in other forms but He won’t bank on you when you let fear or excuses keep you from doing His will. He will give you many chances but if you insist on letting fear thrive, you’ll lose out!

When God decided that Moses will only see the promised land with His two eyes but never enter it, it never stopped God’s plan for the Israelites. As Moses was closing eyes in death, God had a Joshua already prepared to carry on with His Agenda and as Joshua was leaving, God had other people! He had both men and women in line! We see the story of Deborah who was a prophet and a judge in Israel (Judges 4:4-24) God gave her a word for Barak, son of Abinoam from the city of Kedesh in Naphtali. It wasn’t a gist, it wasn’t an option, it came as a command! The command was “Take 10,000 men from the tribes of Naphtali and Zebulun and lead them to Mount Tabor. I will bring Sisera, the commander of Jabin’s army, to fight against you at the River Kishon”. The command came with an assurance that said: “Although Jabin will have his chariots and soldiers, I will give you victory over him.”

Well, Barak received these words of God from God’s servant, Deborah but Barak didn’t trust completely in those words. No doubt, he knew it was God who spoke to him through Deborah but he was looking at the circumstances, he was looking at the facts and figures, he was making his own estimations, analysing the situation and trying to come up with a forensic report. Whenever we start to check the possibilities of God’s word to come to pass, we are letting fear thrive. Barack was calculating the number of armies under Jabin and he must have felt “I am not too anointed to do this myself.” He said to Deborah “I will go if you go with me, but if you don’t go with me, I won’t go.” He was scared to go alone but God’s instructions to him were not to go with Deborah, he was supposed to lean on the promises of God for victory but he was scared and he couldn’t take the word of God for what it is. Deborah said to him “Since it is your choice, I’ll go with you and you won’t be responsible for the victory because God will hand Sisera over to a woman.”

Many times we read these places so fast that we don’t see the message. With fear and for not taking God’s word for what it is, God handed the responsibility of victory over to someone else who wasn’t even trained to be in the army. In other words, Deborah was saying “God has shifted the responsibility to someone else.” Barak didn’t believe he would be victorious without Deborah, God wanted him to trust his word and his word alone but Barak amplified his fears, making the choice to forfeit the role God had destined him to play.

So many times, we have given up on responsibilities that God committed to us simply because we are afraid, we have allowed the news report, doctors report or certain analysis to rob us the trust we have in God. Is God asking you to do anything? Are you having a nudge in your spirit to start up something and you are scared? Are scared to take a step of greatness just because you don’t know the outcome? If you let fear stop you, someone will defeat that fear and get to that place you refused to get to, someone will build that vision you refused to give attention and you’ll be relegated to the background by your fears.

Barak fought with his armies but he couldn’t kill Sisera, you are only considered victorious when you fight the commander in Chief and win! Sisera died in the hands of Jael who may have been considered physically weak, untrained and without experience. Yet, this woman became what Barak couldn’t be because she had a heart that defied her physical weaknesses and fears!


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